WIAW Shared on Thursday

Good morning!

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A chemistry test is waiting for me at 5:00 this evening. I. Am. Terrified.

Breakfast – 7:30 am



Greek yogurt + museli + Love granola + banana slices + blueberries + PB + chia seeds + Sara Beth’s mixed berry jam + splash almond milk

This breakfast combo is sooo good. I’ve had it the past three days in a row and would make it four if I didn’t use up the last of the Greek yogurt this morning.


Oh, and I had coffee. 😀

Snack – 11:00 am


Orange + cashews

Originally I had planned on making it to the box at 9:00 am but then I got side tracked with some school work and decided to go at 12:15 pm. Since that’s right around my lunch time I had this little snack to tide me over.

Workout – 12:15 pm

3 rounds:
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 pass throughs
400 m run (after 3 rounds) 

For time:
23 back squats @ 45 lbs
23 pull-ups
23 burpees
23 toes to bar
23 burpees
23 pull-ups
23 back squats

Score: 11:58 (@ 15 lbs + knees to elbows + blue band)

This WOD was definitely a killer. Even though I modified a good bit, it still kicked my butt. The last time I did pull-ups in a WOD I had to use the purple and blue band and yesterday I only used the blue, yippee! Kipping pull-ups — I’m coming for ya!

Lunch – 1:45 pm



Spring mix + leftover acorn squash + cucumber + shredded carrot + red onion + deli peppered turkey + goat cheese + ground flax seed + balsamic vinegar

Yes, my salad was so ginormous I had to eat it out of a mixing bowl. I’m not ashamed either! The whole time I was preparing lunch my arms were literally shaking from said WOD. Such a great feeling.

Snack – 4:00 pm


Diced pear + Barney almond butter (Thanks again Taylor, it’s almost gone!) microwaved for one minute

Before I completely drowned myself in chemistry, I had a small snack that has been a favorite as of late.

Dinner – 7:45 pm



Roasted Brussels sprouts + crispy grilled Swiss cheese on Ezekiel bread + ketchup

By the time I got home from chapter last night I was starving. My hungry impatience explains the slightly charred grilled cheese. Nevertheless, it was still a great dinner. You just can’t beat a grilled cheese, right?

My good friend, Taylor (also a nutrition major), came over as I was finishing dinner up for a chemistry study session. Finger crossed all our talking out the meaning of chiral centers and polarity of aldehydes and ketones pays off!

We both sipped on hot tea with a splash of milk (no picture, oops) before calling it quits and hitting the sack.     

Hope your Wednesday was a good one and here’s to today!

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