Wednesday Words {of wisdom}

Hey hey!

Guess where I am?


Home! I decided on a whim on Monday afternoon that I needed to head home and so I did.

Yesterday, my mom, a few of her friends, and myself went on a 40(!) mile bike ride on the Chief Ladiga Trail.


I’ll give you the complete recap on that later.


For breakfast this morning I enjoyed two Kashi blueberry waffles with almond butter and banana cheapest price viagra slices. Mmm.


And now I’m off to a stretching based yoga class with my mom. After our bike ride yesterday you better believe yoga is the name of the game for today.

I’ll leave you with this weeks Wednesday Words!

This week’s Words of Wisdom is one of my favorite tips for staying on track in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Write it down!

Writing things down is an awesome way to keep yourself in check with your eats and sweat sessions. Before, I would write down everything in my Hello Kitty workout journal from how heavy I was lifting and what I ate on the weekend to motivational sayings and quotes.


Lately, I’ve been using blank notecards to write down each meal, my workout, water intake, and my feelings from that day. It’s really helpful to be able to look at days when I wasn’t feeling all that great and compare them to the days when everything was on point to find what works best for me.


Also, knowing I’m going to be writing down everything that I eat makes me think twice and be more mindful about my choices.


Sometimes I’ll even add a “Goals for Tomorrow” category to my notecard that may include things like drink more water, swap a piece of chocolate with a mug of hot tea, or stretch before bed. It’s a fun way to challenge myself while being very attainable at the same time.


What tools do you use to help keep you on track in a healthy lifestyle?

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