Thanksgiving at the Farm

Happy Iron Bowl Day! I’ve got a good day ahead of me full of football, hanging out with the cousin, and all sorts of other shenanigans I’m sure.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We always celebrate the holiday at our farm house on the mountain. Generally, we have a small crowd and save the whole family get together for Christmas. This year my grandparents from my mom’s side came along with her aunt and uncle and they certainly made for a great time.

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Before I share all of my Thanksgiving pictures I have to let you in on a secret with what to do about leftover cranberry sauce…

Mix it in with plain Greek yogurt and some granola! Holy taste good, I tell ya! I think I might excuse cranberry sauce as a holiday-only-side and start making it on the reg.

Now for the bulk of this post…

I started my Thanksgiving day off with a quick 3 mile run before beginning the day’s work.

We always shoot skeet while we wait for everything to finish up in the kitchen. I won’t brag but I had fun showing up these old guys. 😉

Jack had a good time wearing himself out trying to fetch the clay pigeons. Unfortunately he came back empty handed mouthed(?) every time.

Aw, you just can’t help but love that face!

A short while after the skeet shooting festivities were over, the feast was ready.

This year I got handed the duty of cooking most of everything – even the turkey. I was pleased with the way everything turned out annnd the clean plates afterwards!

You know what they say about the hormone, tryptophan, in the turkey that causes sleepiness? Well. It’s true…

The boys napped while the rest of us ladies cleaned up and got dessert and coffee ready.

Crustless pumpkin pie courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie and my Aunt Mary’s pineapple upside down cake per request of my Pappap (it was his birthday, Happy Birthday Pap! Love you!). With some coffee and a little eggnog to wash everything down – I was officially stuffed.

That pretty much sums everything up! Now on to Christmas! 😀

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving at the Farm”

    1. Haha the group I watched the game with changed to the FSU vs. Gators game after the first quarter. Guess it was evident who was going to come out with the win!

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