Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! And for all my Alabama friends – happy finals week!

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My weekend was very laid back…

And full of studying. Chemistry – you better watch out, cause I’m coming for you tomorrow at 11:30am!

Friday I attended my very first CrossFit class! (Thanks for coming with, AuBrey!) More to come on that later.

But it’s safe to say I officially have OCD (Obsessive CrossFit Disorder). Yes, it’s real.

Before I start talking food, since this is a food blog after all, I need to mention someone’s birthday…

Happy way belated birthday to the boyfriend, Stephen! I just couldn’t not mention it on the blog even though it was on Thursday of last week. And I needed an excuse to use this picture. How cauuute is this dog?!

And if that wasn’t cute enough for you…

Then this one has to be! If you don’t follow Cute Emergency on Twitter you’re seriously missing out. This picture was captioned “Uh, what do I do? #FirstKiss”. Too funny.

Ok. Now for what was on the food scene this weekend. Since I always snap pictures of my breakfast and usually slack on lunch and dinner, I am only showing the latter two!

Friday I hit up Chipotle with Jordan and Brookley. (Sorry for the lack of food in this picture. I always remember to take a picture of what I ate after I polish it off. :?) I love Chipotle – minus how heavy handed they are. My gosh, they give you enough guacamole to serve at a party! So I always have to specify just a liiiittle bit of this and not too much of that. They probably think I a weirdo but oh well! 😛

For dinner on Friday I was feeling snacky so I put together a veggie plate. Green beans, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, 2 wasa crackers, and a healthy serving of hummus. 😉 Mm mm mmm.

Saturday’s lunch was my absolute favorite salad from Newk’s. Simply Salad with grilled salmon and all the fixin’s – croutons, chopped pickles, banana peppers, hot pepper relish, parmesan cheese, and sherry vinaigrette. Deeelish.

Fast forwarding to Sunday’s dinner (since I didn’t take a picture of Saturday’s dinner or Sunday’s lunch :|). A Kashi frozen meal was on the menu…I think this one was chicken penne of some sort. Just before I was about to dig in I was like…Wait. Where da veggies at?!

So I chopped and steamed up some green beans and zucchini. The zucchini is hiding underneath all those beans, promise.

Tossed it all together and viola! Veggies + frozen meal = healthy meal. Ah…that’s better. 🙂

That concludes the meal pictures for this post. I wrote down a little blogging schedule yesterday in attempt to make myself more accountable to daily posts. Let’s hope it works! Catch you guys tomorrow.

Have a kick ass Monday!