Random Mess


Oh how I have been anticipating the end of this week.

This week has been “one of those”. In other words, I’ve had two random tear sessions, pharmacy discount.com gotten a measly total of two workouts in, I’ve had the lower back pain of a 93-year-old grandmother, and more than likely failed another chemistry exam.

And to think I was Miss Science Club in high school…

Sometimes, I feel like I’ve really got a grip on life and other days I feel as though I can barely keep above water. Hopefully, the current I’ve been swimming against will wash me up on Seagrove’s sand with a cold drink, sunshine, and great company. Fingers crossed.

With that being said, I hope your week has been a hell of a lot better than mine and I hope you can appreciate the random mess of this post because that’s all I’ve got right now; a random mess.


IMG_5241 IMG_5244 IMG_5243 IMG_5245

Toast never fails.

When I was at Michael’s craft store last week shopping for toga attire — which deserves a whole post of its own — I stumbled upon this Hello Kitty mug and gasped out loud. Actually, I stumbled upon a whole mini shrine/isle in the check out line of Hello Kitty and somehow managed to put blinders on and only grab this mug for five bucks. Score!

IMG_5247 IMG_5246

One day, if I don’t turn into some form of a nut butter first, I will surely turn into roasted veggies + goat cheese + balsamic vinegar.

IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_5250

Since I’m heading out of town for spring break I didn’t allow any sort of grocery shopping for the week. As a result, most of my meals this week have been makeshift and, well, random messes. This bowl of eggs, spinach, near spoiled ‘shrooms, and bran crackers attest to that.

IMG_5251 IMG_5256 IMG_5254

Meet the breakfast I’ve had the past four days in a row:

Greek yogurt + frozen blueberries (I had a coupon) + Kashi GoLean Crunch + Love Grown granola + white chocolate PB + chia seeds

Love Grown‘s Sweet Cranberry granola smells like heaven slapped you in the face when you open the bag. Stuff. Is. So. Good.

IMG_5259 IMG_5261 IMG_5262

A few days ago I had the strangest craving for bacon. I know I know…who doesn’t crave bacon?! Well, typically me with the exception of this past week. When I woke up from a dream about bacon on Wednesday morning I knew something had to be done. So after CrossFit I headed to Which Wich for a salad bowl with baaacon. They gave me turkey instead of chicken and forgot the feta cheese but they did not forget the bacon so all was well in the world.


2 diced baby apples + TJ’s cookie butter + Kashi GoLean Crunch + dash of cinnamom

There is a bag of neglected extra tiny apples (I like ’em big!) in my frigde that have been staring at me every time I open the crisper drawer. Finally, I gave in and showed them some love. I diced up a couple and microwaved them along with some TJ’s cookie butter and then added some Kashi for texture. With the addition of some cinnamon, that little mug almost tasted like a slice of apple pie.


*Very important* Side note: If you’ve never had Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter then you must try it. Next time you’re at TJ’s pick up a jar and you will not regret it, trust me (unless all signs of your willpower go out the window and you eat the whole jar in less than a week because it’s just that darn amazing). And there is no such excuse as “But I don’t live near a Trader Joes.” Yeah. Me either people. It’s called Amazon. Now get to it.


Disregard my previous statement about the bowl of eggs attesting to my themed “Random Mess” week. This bowl is the prime exemplifier of “Random Mess”.

Sautéed beets + baby carrots + spinach + Green Wise veggie burger + shredded parmesan + beef broth + spices

This dinner might have failed in the looks department but it totally delivered taste wise. And nutritional wise!

photo-48 photo-49

Here’s my breakfast again. All nice ‘n close up. Just because.


Yet again, more proof that one day I will become a bowl of the picture above.

Side note numero duos: The great majority of all the meals I prepare for myself are eaten out of a bowl. This could be cause of one of two things, or both: 1) I like my food hot and I mean hot. If it’s not going to singe my taste buds with the first bite then it’s going to take a spin in the microwave. And bowls are great vessels for trapping heat. 2) My dad mixes all of his food. If there’s a poster child for peas + carrots + mashed potatoes then he’s it. It’s very possible I take after him in this aspect.

*The final* Side note: This post is full of italics so please note my enthusiasm/emphasizes on any and all italicized words.

Other meals of the week that escaped the food paparazzi include: falafel pita wrap, leftover Jim ‘N’ Nick’s coleslaw, turkey sammy, veggie wrap, the best orange of my life, mini Larabars (<— I spy Jillian Michaels :D), and a spoonful of cookie butter. Along with my craving for bacon I’ve also been all about anything wrapped in a pita/tortilla hence the wraps.

Geez, this post has turned into a long one!

Alright, I’m going to wrap things up (no pun intended) because I still have to finish packing, get myself clean, load my car up, and make it to Birmingham in time to meet my mom and her friend, Jill, for lunch at a local Greek restaurant. Hellooo baklava! 

Here’s to the weekend AND spring break! I’m going to try my very best to check in while I’m at the beach.

Do the body some good — and the mind. Especially the mind.