Sunday Funday

Man, was it a pretty Sunday in Alabama yesterday.


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IMG_3675While yesterday would have been the perfect day for skeet shooting at the farm, Mom and I had a mission to accomplish: home goods shopping for the townhouse.

IMG_3677Hey Dad! Look this way!

IMG_3678*Cue close up shot.* Hehe.

Back to the home goods…

Furniture, cook ware, utensils, serving sets – it was like Christmas morning all over again! 

IMG_3681First stop was Old Time Pottery where we managed to snag some great deals.

IMG_3682To note a few. 😀

We left Old Time Pottery at about a quarter to one so you can bet my tummy was a grumblin’ by then. For lunch we decided on Nothing But Noodles since it was near the next stop on our agenda.

IMG_3683And because it’s uh deeelicious! I went with the Spicy Cucumber and Chicken Salad sans the spiced almonds and Mom ordered the Pad Thai Noodles.

IMG_3688After lunch we walked on over to Nadeau, a local furniture store. I love that their tagline is furniture with a soul, haha.

IMG_3686There were quite a few gems purchased yesterday that will be picked up sometime today. SO excited to move in to this townhouse. 😀

IMG_3692Once we finished up at Nadeau it was time to hit up Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. Yeee!

IMG_3691I can definitely see myself working at Williams-Sonoma in my later years. Slightly gray haired and totally happy.

IMG_3694Since I was within a 2 mile radius of a health foods store – Fresh Market – there was no way me and Mom weren’t making a visit. Just so happened we actually had reason to stop.

IMG_3695I picked up some Love Grown granola to try for the first time. Needless to say it did not disappoint.

IMG_3697Especially when paired with this little container of Nancy’s organic Greek yogurt – also a first.

IMG_3698Had to steal a container from the olive bar so my yogurt and granola would be happy. 😉

IMG_3635After spending literally alllll day in Huntsville I was more than ready to get back to this guy and a bowl of chili. 🙂

P.S. Chili is 232184738473852394832x (yes, that number exactly) better the day after.

How did you spend your Sunday?