Tasty Tuesday

What is up everyone? Such a lovely day on this fine Tuesday.

This morning when I was leaving the house it was still yucky outside so I chose my rain jacket over my sunglasses — total mistake because the sun is finally out and shining.

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Greek yogurt + museli + Love Grown granola + blueberries + banana slices + Sara Beth’s blueberry jam + peanut butterIMG_4524

Check all those layers.


Peanut buttah, mmm.

Breakfast was enjoyed while walking to my 8:00 am chemistry lab thanks to my alarm neglecting to go off. Don’t you hate that? Thankfully, I woke up and 7:07 am, had a mini panic attack, and then got myself ready and out the door by 7:36 am. Oy.



Steamed sweet tater & zucchini + leftover Jim N Nick’s smoked turkey & croutons & BBQ sauce (< weird flavor alert) + goat cheese

Lunch was probably one of the weirdest flavor combinations ever — and I’ve had some pretty strange combos — but it turned out delicious!



Grande skinny vanilla latte (new Starbuck’s favorite) + dried apple 

On Tuesdays after my chemistry lab I usually head over to Starbuck’s and this morning was no different.

I also had a trail mix Mojo bar during my food science lab as a little fuel before my run and then the other half of banana from breakfast after my run. Neither of which that got photographed. Whamp whamp whamp.

Workout – (Monday & Tuesday)


Yesterday I made it to the box for a lovely WOD. Please make note of the Rx’d at the bottom. Thank you.


Here’s today’s run. Originally I had planned on going at least 5 miles with the hopes of 6 miles but my legs were dead from yesterday so I cut it off at 3.4 miles. Good enough for me considering I have quite the load of chemistry to study tonight. Bleh.



Roasted acorn squash & Brussels sprouts + pan seared salmon + drizzle balsamic vinegar

So this meal pretty much rocks. I say that because I’m still eating it and wishing it will never end. Fingers crossed.


Salmon seasoned with S&P, fresh thyme pan seared with some EVOO and then thrown under the broiler.



Acorn squash halved and seeded then seasoned with EVOO, S&P, and fresh thyme (same for the Brussels) roasted at 400* for 15-20 minutes.

An awesome dinner to end the day. It’s been a tasty Tuesday you guys.

Oh and I almost forgot…


A friend of mine, Max, sent me a picture of his dinner and told me to put it in my blog and… yeah. So if anyone ever needs some eggs, brown rice, and salsa in their life Max is your go to guy!

G’night y’all. 😀

WIAW: Good Eats


I’ve got a beaut of a post coming atcha on this lovely afternoon. Might I just emphasize lovely afternoon. There’s no way it’s February!

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This picture really doesn’t do today justice. Sorry, I’m barely a food photographer.

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means — What I Ate Wednesday post!

Breakfast – 9:00am (I slept in)


A delicious batch of oatmeal on was the agenda for yesterday morning’s breakfast.

1/3 c. old fashioned oats + 1/3 c. each water & unsweetened vanilla almondmilk + 1/4 c. egg whites + 1 tsp. chia seeds + 1/2 c. blueberries + 1/2 smashed nanner + spoonful PB 

Oatmeal is hard to beat. Alongside my oats I had some coffee. Mmm.


Lunch – 12:30pm 


Three Bean + Sweet Potato Turkey Chili + Whole Wheat Skillet Cornbread + shredded cheese + plain Greek yogurt

There was no thought about what lunch was going to be since I knew I had a ton of leftover chili in the fridge. There’s about one serving left now thanks to Jay who was over Monday night and then these two last night…


Aren’t they the cutest little engineer couple you’ve ever seen? 😉

Back to more important things, like food.

Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm 


Ohmigah this snack…

Almond butter + 1/2 sliced banana + coconut flakes + cinnamon heated up in the microwave

This snack was definitely good but the one I’m currently nomming on is like whoa good. I’ll have to share next post. 🙂


Yesterday I did hot yoga for the first time. It was awesome and I really needed a good stretch after Monday’s CrossFit workout.

Which is what I’ll be sharing in place of my pictureless hot yoga class. 😀


Let me just start off by saying NEVER in my life have my glutes/hamstrings been so sore. You should watch me try to sit down.

Shout out to Ellis and Sarah Gable who came with me on Monday! They’ll be back soon I’m confident. 😉

We got to the box a little on the late side so I had to skip out on the strength portion. Thinking about it I’m actually grateful we were kind of late. There’s no telling how dead I’d be had I lifted before the brutal WOD.

Dinner – 7:30pm

Dinner came together in a few steps…IMG_4321

First step:

Spring mix + feta + red onion tossed with…


This awesome salad dressing Bill let me have. Thank ya Bill!

IMG_4322Step two:

Saut̩ed + oven roasted salmon seasoned with the good guys РEVOO + S&P


Step three:

Add roasted Brussels sprouts and salmon to spring mix

Such a great dinner. And a great day. I officially have a roommate that’s not of the K9 family.


Welcome home J Will lerv ya!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a WOD with Meagan and Monicka! Wish us luck!

Do the body some good.