WIAW: The Juicer is Back

Happy Hump Day my friends!

This is a great product, I like that it comes in a blister pack and does not need refrigeration. Viagra cheap. That is why we pay attention to the quality of the medications.

Last week I shared my Wednesday eats on Thursday and this Wednesday I’m sharing my Tuesday eats. Either way it’s WIAW!



Breakfast – 7:30 am



Greek yogurt + museli + chia seeds + banana slices + blueberries + Love Grown granola + Barney Butter 

It’s baaaaack! Still loving this morning meal so in attempt to not get tired of it I switched to Kodiak Cakes this morning. As for tomorrow… 😉

Lunch – 12:30 pm 



Since my mom was here yesterday, we walked up the street to a favorite spot of mine – Hooligan’s. They have an awesome Mediterranean menu as well as burgers and spuds. In other words, lots of delicious variety!


Their mint teas are off the chain. I highly recommend mixing unsweet & sweet for the perfect drink.



Spring mix + roasted sweet potato & broccoli + Hooligan’s chicken & warm pita + feta + red onion + balsamic reduction 

Since my fridge has been recently stocked up with produce and etc. I only ordered a side of chicken and sautéed mushrooms (<— the best). Chicken for yesterday’s salad, ‘shrooms for today’s.


We made a furry friend on our walk back. 😀

Snacks – 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm 


Trail mix — raw almonds + TJ’s cashews + dried cherries + dark chocolate chips

My food science lab is from 2:00-5:00 pm and I always get hungry somewhere during that time. Usually I bring a bar of some sort but when I reached for one on the way out yesterday I realized there were none left. Gasp! No worries, I threw this little trail mix together in a snap.

And because I can’t resist…IMG_4683


Other 1/2 banana from breakfast + diced pear + sunflower butter microwaved for one minute

My intentions were to only have the banana half to tide me over until I juiced (!!!) dinner but the Sunbutter was literally screaming my name. What else could I have done? Nothing.

Workout – 6:30 pm


Again, I had specific intentions that I ended up veering away from. My plan was to go to a hot yoga class at Yoga Bliss from 5:30-7:00 pm but then I was suddenly reminded at 4:30 pm that I had an online Music 121 quiz due by 5:30 pm so those plans were shot.

Forty minutes with Rodney Yee was a great substitute so I’m not complaining. Plus, now I have an extra yoga pass for another time. Woohoo!

Dinner – 8:00 pm 

Look who’s back. Back again…


My juicer is back. Tell a friend.



Or maybe don’t because that was suuuper corny.


Juice of: 1 broccoli stalk + 1 small beet + ~ 1 cup baby carrots + 1″ ginger + 2 small apples with a splash of coconut water mixed in 

I reeeeaaaallllllly want to do a juice detox but I just don’t have a conducive schedule. So, juice dinners might be in order!

To me, this juice tasted really good but I know if my mom had a sip a look of utter disgust would immediately cover her face. Eh well, to each their own, right?

Hope the day is going well! Do the body some good. 🙂