Damsels in Distress

Goooood evening err body.

Like I mentioned earlier, Mom and I did a stretching based yoga class this morning at Hot Yoga of Huntsville.


We held each pose viagra generic 100mg for 3 minutes and it was marvelous. Talk about some serious relaxation during shavasana.

After yoga both of our stomachs were rumbling — I’m pretty sure they could be heard during class — so we went to Panera for lunch.


I ordered the spinach power salad sans fried onion and bacon, add chicken, dressing on the side, and whole wheat baguette instead of white. It totally hit the spot along with a hot tea, mmm.

We got pedicures before heading back home as a cherry on top.

Alrighty. Recall my mentioning a 40 mile bike ride in this morning’s post? Yes. Let’s talk about that.


My mom and a group of her friends had planned on biking the Chief Ladiga Trail, which stretches form Jacksonville University to the Georgia line then connects to the Silver Comet Trail, and I tagged a long with.


The trail were great — paved with lots of shade and mile markers the whole way. The plan was to bike from Piedmont to Weaver then back track and stop in Jacksonville for lunch.

DSC03661 DSC03664

When we got close to our turn around spot, which was 18 miles out, Karen noticed that her front tire was low on air. Luckily, we stopped right outside of a car place so she took her bike to get air pumped into it. Unfortunately, instead of pumping air it did just the opposite, leaving her tire completely flat. Fail.

As our next attempt to salvage her tire, we walked over to the only gas station in the small town of {dream} Weaver to see if the tire pumping machine there would work. Close, but no cigar. At this point we felt as though we were out of options until a handsome young gent biking on his lunch hour stopped to assist we damsels in distress.

He change the tube on her wheel thanks to Jill being completely prepared with all of the tools. Finally we could head back! But wait…that didn’t work either. We thanked the minister (he informed us of this when he offered Karen a ride back to Piedmont) and then he was off and we were left back at square one.

An hour had passed and we were officially starving, when two men approached us (both with bikes). Apparently, they had watched everything play out before deciding to offer a hand. Long story short (kind of?), they road to Jacksonville where their truck was and then came back to swap one of their bikes for Karen’s and agreed to meet us back at Piedmont to switch back up.

With everyone back in the saddle, we took off in search of FOOD. Hallelujah!


Another 6 miles to lunch spots and boy were we hungry! After lunch we realized we had another 12-13 miles left until we were finished with our ride and so we were off, yet again.

DSC03663 DSC03656

The ride back was brutal. I couldn’t tell you what hurt worse; my butt or my thighs. When we got back Ben, our hero, was waiting for us. We returned bikes and thanked him for being so kind. Thanks again, Ben!

DSC03671 DSC03673

After a day like that there was only one thing that we could do. 

DSC03674 DSC03675

So we stopped at an ice cream shoppe on our way back home and all was well in the world.


After a day like that everyone agreed they had gotten their bike fix in for a while, haha.

Back to the now, it’s currently raining outside so I think it’s time to kick back and crack open a good book. Nighty!