Roomie Shenanigans

Hiya y’all and happy Friday!

Does anyone else feel like last weekend was Memorial Day? I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is upon us! Any fun plans for the holiday? I’m bringing a few friends home with me for some fun on the lake and football! Roll Tide/Gueax Tigers! Hah.

Lately, I’ve buy viagra on internet been getting into a lot of random and fun shenanigans with my roomies.


Heh heh.

First, we broke in the ice cream maker with homemade s’more ice cream which was TO DIE FOR.


Then, we listened to the Backstreet Boys on the bridge on the way to Northport.


They played a lot of their new stuff (I had no idea they even had a new album out…) that was just okay but when they played the oldie hits we all got so pumped. After a while the cops came and told everyone viewing from the bridge that we had to move so we headed home. Since we live so close to the amphitheater I still heard them play “Backstreet’s Back, Alright” when I was getting into bed. Pretty cool. 🙂

As if that all wasn’t enough, we had a pizza night, too.

Jilli’s masterpiece:




Black olives, barf.

And mine:


Looks huge but I stretched the dough a looot. Or at least that’s the excuse I’m going with. 😉

Winston has dually enjoyed the extra company as well.


Almost every night I wake up and he’s practically pushed me off the bed. I love that he’s a snuggler but every inch I move he makes up for. Gotta love the weirdo pup.

Hope you guys have an incredible and safe holiday weekend and I’ll see ya later!