Time to Bust Out the Grill

Hey friends! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine started off with a one hour hot yoga flow with my mom and dang, it a tough one!

I’ll talk more on that tomorrow, so let’s rewind back to yesterday.


IMG_5614 IMG_5615 IMG_5622

Greek yogurt + Kashi GoLean + Bare Fit + strawberries + PB

Oh breakfast, how I look forward to our morning time together. Especially during the summer time when strawberries are in season! If you’re in the Scottsboro area keep your eyes peeled no prescription viagra sale for the boxes of strawberries from the farmer’s stand across from CVS. They’re the best strawberries in the whole entire world, trust me.


Before I got the ball rolling on my workout yesterday I had a little sweet potato energy ball thingy that I made up the night before and had planned on sharing if they were good. Well, no bueno on this batch but I’ll be trying again soon!

Back to the workout. I worked on bis and tris and threw some bursts of cardio into the mix and boy was it a good one!

Bis & Tris with Cardio

5 minute jog

Set One
15 preacher curls
15 triceps kickbacks 
1 minute run at incline 1
repeat 3-4 times

Set Two
15 bicep curls
15 overhead triceps extensions
1 minute run at incline 2 & bump speed up 0.5 mph
repeat 3-4 times

Set Three
15 hammer curls 
15 chair dips
1 minute run at incline 3 & bump speed up 0.5 mph

Cool Down
5 minute jog followed by 1 minute walk and stretching

I completed each set three times before moving on to the next one and started my 1 minute runs at 7.0 mph. All and all this was a great workout and perfect for someone in a time crunch who’s looking to get in strength training and cardio!


_MG_5623 _MG_5625 _MG_5626

Spring mix + California veggie burger + tomato + shaved carrot + Wickles + goat cheese + Nut Thins sea salt chips + balsamic reduction

Yesterday’s lunch really hit the spot. Lately, I’ve been all about vegetarian burgers. Not sure what the deal is on that one but I’m ok with it. However, beef burgers are on the menu for dinner tonight and I am puuumped!


IMG_5632 IMG_5634

Alright so this slice of carrot cake should probably be in the category above considering I ate it shortly after lunch but whatever. It’s going to suffice as a “snack” anyways.


A little while later I felt my stomach rumble so I grabbed two small apples.


If you can’t already tell, I was feeling rather snacky yesterday. 🙂

Originally I had planned on whipping up some guacamole to go along with my sweet potato-black bean enchiladas for my mom’s birthday but the avocados weren’t quite ripe on Saturday. Whamp whamp whamp. I set them beside a couple of bananas on the counter so they could soak up some ethylene and ripen faster. Anyways, yesterday they were perfectly ripe so I took advantage of the opportunity and made guacamole.

The Best Guacamole



  • 3 ripe avocados
  • 3-5 cloves finely minced garlic
  • juice of 2 limes
  • 3-4 T of your favorite salsa
  • 1/4 c chopped cilantro
  • S & P to taste


Mash avocados and then mix in remaining ingredients. Enjoy with some multigrain Scoops or fresh veggies!


Finally time to bust out the grill!


With the grill on my mind during my cool down jog, I quickly texted Mom and asked her to pick up some salmon filets for dinner.


Check out the size of those filets! And Mom said she had to ask for the small ones.

IMG_5653 IMG_5658

Stephen kept me company while I handled the grill. He probably won’t be too excited when he sees the picture above.

Love you! 😀


We kept things light and had grilled summer veggies alongside the salmon.


I brushed EVOO on the salmon and then seasoned it with a Greek seasoning we had on hand. The veggies were tossed in EVOO and S & P as well as a little bit of the Greek seasoning.

Not to brag on my grilling skills or anything (I rarely use the grill except for when I grill pizza) but last night’s dinner was deeeeeelicious!


Even my dad was tickled at how tasty everything was, haha. 😉


IMG_5643 IMG_5649

Doesn’t she just put a smile on your face?

Other Things of the Day

Last night Stephen and I watched The Impossible and it was a really awesome movie. A little gruesome but very eye-opening to all the things we have to be thankful for, specifically family.


Fast-forwarding back to today, I am taking the final exam for my AFAA personal training certification. Yeah, just when I think I’m relieved of exams because school is out I have to guess again. Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about the exam but SOOO excited to think that this time tomorrow I could be a certified personal trainer, eeek! Wish me luck! 😀

Have a great rest of the day and I’ll catch ya later guys!

Scenes from the Weekend: Home Edition

Good evening! I hope everyone is wrapping up a great weekend. Here are some scenes from my weekend at home + a week in fitness.

Week in Fitness

M – CrossFit

T – 90 minutes Vinyasa Yoga

W – CrossFit

Thviagra canada prescription Rest

F – 90 minutes Hot Yoga

S – 5 mile run

Su – Rest


Mat before class…


Mat after class…

photo-46 photo-45 _MG_4971 _MG_4973 IMG_4974

Friday evening I chilled out with Taylor and Clint. I love being around friends who really make me feel appreciated. It’s people like the two of them that I thank God for putting in my life. They deserve nothing but the best.

IMG_4975 IMG_4981



Blinding Jerry with the flash on my camera.

IMG_4994 IMG_4990 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4999

Do you see who I see?

IMG_5001 IMG_5000 IMG_5004 IMG_5007 IMG_5008

Dad and I had an awesome run on Saturday afternoon. We did a solid 5.08 miles in 40:49. Not too shabby. Kudos for keeping up, Pops. 

IMG_5013 IMG_5021 IMG_5022 IMG_5023 IMG_5027 IMG_5028 IMG_5029 IMG_5033 IMG_5035 IMG_5037


IMG_5041 IMG_5046 IMG_5054 IMG_5055 IMG_5056


Here’s to a new week. Nighty.

Simple yet affective.

Happy Hump Day, whoop whoop!

Remember me saying there would be exciting news Wednesday? Well, HNC is being mentioned on Birmingham’s The Doc on Jox 94.5 radio station at 2:30 pm central time! If you can’t make it to the radio at that time then check out Dr. Mark Ricketts’ Podcast.

A big shout out to Polly and her dad for being so kind to help canadian viagra generic publicize my blog. Another big shout out to all the HNC readers out there — especially those of you who have come up to me and let me know you enjoy reading! It really warms my heart to know all my time spent blogging is appreciated.

With that said, let’s dive right into another post. 😀



Two slices Ezekiel toast + nanner slices + unsweetened coconut flakes — one with almond butter, one with sunflower butter

Yesterday morning I was really feeling some good ole toast. Fun fact: toasted bread is sweeter than regular bread because the heat breaks down the carbohydrates making the molecules smaller thus sweeter.

Just a little something I learned in class. 😉






Spring mix + grape toms + roasted butternut squash + red onion + goat cheese + bran crackers + Jim ‘N’ Nick’s smoked turkey & BBQ sauce

Yep. I used BBQ sauce as a salad dressing and it was straight ballin’. Spicy, sweet, and just perfect in this salad. Good thing I have two other leftover BBQ sauces in the fridge.




During my food science lab I snacked on an apple and a Perfectly Simple bar by Zone Perfect. These bars are super tasty and they really mean it when they say simply — only 5-8 ingredients in all each bar.

We made baked sweet potato fries during lab so, of course, I had a few of those.


Sweet potatoes + EVOO + S&P + garlic powder + paprika 



After lab, I came home and had some tea before heading out to a hot yoga class.


Both my parents have been drinking this tea 1-2 times everyday and say they’ve noticed a difference in their digestive system. Also, the tea contains anise which gives it great flavor. Sadly, this was the only bag they left for me. 🙁



I’m still enjoying my half-off 6 classes pass to Yoga Bliss that I scored on Groupon.

Last night I went to quite possibly the best yoga classes I’ve ever been to. The instructor was amazing and gave great breathing cues which really helped me connect my body with the flow and the poses. Another thing I really loved was the mantra we practiced at the end of the class.

*Breathe in* Let, *breathe out* go. 

Simple yet affective.


I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to sweating I am beast. This can be problematic during yoga — especially hot yoga! — causing me to slip ‘n slide all over the mat while trying to hold poses. My problem has been solved thanks to my mom who found this yoga towel at Target the other day. I highly recommend it for any sweaty yogis out there!




Roasted rosemary carrots + 4 egg white scramble with spinach + cheddar cheese all dipped in ketchup

The plan was to have a juice for dinner. But once I got to thinking about adding carrots in my juice I instantly thought about roasted carrots and dipping them in ketchup. After that thought all bets for a juice were off.



Good days should end with dark chocolate. Take that back, every day should end with dark chocolate. 😀


Oh, and an adorable picture of Sophie. 😉