Quite a Thursday

Hey there friends!

My mom came down earlier today to hang out before my dad makes his way down in the morning and then all three of us head to Baton Rouge. Needless to say, I’ve had quite a Thursday!


IMG_5798 IMG_5801

Yesterday toast + PB + nanner; today Greek yogurt + fruit + granola. Why change what ain’t broken, right? Today’s yogurt bowl went sans PB. Gasp, I know, but my nut butter stash is running free viagra samples low and nothing else sounded good so I opted for chia seeds and Bare Fit granola instead.


Can’t forget about the coffee!

Workout 1


After CrossFit and date with my foam roller last night, I was feeling better than expected so I went for a quick and easy mid-morning run.

Forgot my camera or else I would have more pictures. It was so so pretty outside today and just perfect for running.


A handful of grapes after my run. Nom nom.



For lunch I threw together roasted Brussels sprouts + sweet potato, a can of diced tomatoes, two wedges Laughing Cow cheese, and balsamic glaze. The can of diced tomatoes was out of the ordinary yet really good.


Seasoned everything with a generous amount of hot curry ’cause I like it spicy. 😉


I crumbled a couple pieces of bran crispbread on top for a little texture and a tasty lunch it ’twas.

P.S. Those bran crispbreads are a staple in my pantry — perfect as croutons in a salad.


Almost immediately following lunch I had a tiny bowl of yogurt covered raisins. I swear it’s like I HAVE to eat them if they’re in my possession. Sooooo good!

Once I polished off my raisins covered in goodness the doorbell rang and Mom and Sophie were here, yippee.


Wanna treat treat?

Once Mom put her things down we headed out the door to run a few errands.


I upgraded my phone — yay for the iPhone 5! –and then we walked over to Manna Grocery to browse around. Of course we bought more than browsed but that’s just what happens when you take me to a health foods store.


Scored some local strawberries that I’ll be devouring tomorrow morning for breakfast.



My stomach was rumbling after running errands so I made myself a snack. Apple slices and a piece of a peanut butter cranberry bar I snagged at Manna hit the spot.

Workout 2


My mom is recently a yogi so we hit up Yoga Bliss for what was suppose to be a hot class but they were having problems with the furnace. Imagine the heating and cooling people getting a phone call during summer in Alabama complaining about the furnace not working, haha.

Anyways, the class wasn’t hot but it was still great.


IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016

After yoga we walked up the street to Big Daddy’s for dinner. Greek salads, hummus and pita plus this little gem to go…

IMG_5850 IMG_5855

A Greek fig date newton for an after dinner treat.


And now I’m sipping on hot tea while watching Sex and the City with Mom. Perfect Thursday.

What’d you do today?