Fam Jam Reunion + Food Preppin'

Hey guys! What’s been crackalackin’?

I spent Thursday thru yesterday morning in Fairhope for a fam jam reunion.


Lots of fun spent with my people. The Parents and I are on the far right. 🙂

We had quite the time in Fairhope, biking and shopping all over the place. On Sunday evening we biked about a mile down from our popular online pharmacy hotel to The Wash House, a restaurant my parents had eaten at before and gave it great reviews, only to find they were booked for the night. D’oh! Should’ve made reservations. 😐

DSC03760 DSC03763 DSC03764

(Side note: biking in a maxi is harder than it seems.)


I was kind of bummed our dinner plans fell through because the bread pudding on The Wash House website looks to DIE for. We ended up riding back and just having dinner at the hotel which was mighty delicious, btw. The pretty view didn’t hurt either.


Today has been about getting settled back in lil T-Town before the ball starts rolling. And from the looks of it, it’s going to be rolling quickly without any signs of stopping. On Friday one of my roomies will be moving in (eeek!) and then Saturday two of my friendsies will be “moving in” until their place is ready on the 16th and then on the 17th my other roomie will join us. With rush workshop, rush, classes, a new work schedule, project health training and goodness knows what else I’m gonna be busy!


I was up bright and early so I could hit up the farmer’s market. Here’s the treasure I brought back, all for $12. Farmer’s market FTW!


(Peaches and maters x2)

After my trip to the FM I came home for some sunflower seed and almond butter toast with banana slices. No picture because I know you guys have seen that one a zillion times. Once I polished off breakfast I got to work on some food prepping for the following week.


Froze nanners for smoothies (not pictured, obvi)

Cooked quinoa and wild rice blend

Washed and chopped veggies


Baked chicken tenders


And made some protein power balls


Recipe tomorrow 😀

Winston sleepily watched from his spot on the love seat.


Gosh he makes my heart melt.

I’m off to finish the mountain of laundry waiting on me, sweat to a TurboFire DVD, and then get my hair and nails done. Weee!

Have a great afternoon!