WIAW: Good Eats


I’ve got a beaut of a post coming atcha on this lovely afternoon. Might I just emphasize lovely afternoon. There’s no way it’s February!

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This picture really doesn’t do today justice. Sorry, I’m barely a food photographer.

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means — What I Ate Wednesday post!

Breakfast – 9:00am (I slept in)


A delicious batch of oatmeal on was the agenda for yesterday morning’s breakfast.

1/3 c. old fashioned oats + 1/3 c. each water & unsweetened vanilla almondmilk + 1/4 c. egg whites + 1 tsp. chia seeds + 1/2 c. blueberries + 1/2 smashed nanner + spoonful PB 

Oatmeal is hard to beat. Alongside my oats I had some coffee. Mmm.


Lunch – 12:30pm 


Three Bean + Sweet Potato Turkey Chili + Whole Wheat Skillet Cornbread + shredded cheese + plain Greek yogurt

There was no thought about what lunch was going to be since I knew I had a ton of leftover chili in the fridge. There’s about one serving left now thanks to Jay who was over Monday night and then these two last night…


Aren’t they the cutest little engineer couple you’ve ever seen? 😉

Back to more important things, like food.

Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm 


Ohmigah this snack…

Almond butter + 1/2 sliced banana + coconut flakes + cinnamon heated up in the microwave

This snack was definitely good but the one I’m currently nomming on is like whoa good. I’ll have to share next post. 🙂


Yesterday I did hot yoga for the first time. It was awesome and I really needed a good stretch after Monday’s CrossFit workout.

Which is what I’ll be sharing in place of my pictureless hot yoga class. 😀


Let me just start off by saying NEVER in my life have my glutes/hamstrings been so sore. You should watch me try to sit down.

Shout out to Ellis and Sarah Gable who came with me on Monday! They’ll be back soon I’m confident. 😉

We got to the box a little on the late side so I had to skip out on the strength portion. Thinking about it I’m actually grateful we were kind of late. There’s no telling how dead I’d be had I lifted before the brutal WOD.

Dinner – 7:30pm

Dinner came together in a few steps…IMG_4321

First step:

Spring mix + feta + red onion tossed with…


This awesome salad dressing Bill let me have. Thank ya Bill!

IMG_4322Step two:

Saut̩ed + oven roasted salmon seasoned with the good guys РEVOO + S&P


Step three:

Add roasted Brussels sprouts and salmon to spring mix

Such a great dinner. And a great day. I officially have a roommate that’s not of the K9 family.


Welcome home J Will lerv ya!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a WOD with Meagan and Monicka! Wish us luck!

Do the body some good.

Bear Complex

It’s back to the grind today.

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But let’s talk about yesterday instead.



old fashion oats + 1/4 c egg whites + 1/3 c water + 1/3 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1 tsp chia seeds +  1/2 mashed banana + 1/2 c frozen blueberries + spoonful Sara Beth’s mixed berry jam + PB&Co. white chocolate peanut butter

Goodness gracious that seems like a lot more in words than in a bowl. Nevertheless, this batch of oats was bomb. There’s just something about warm, juicy blueberries in oatmeal that makes my taste buds fall in love. Yum.


Of course I had a cup of Joe in my Colorado mug. 🙂


During mine and Sophie’s walk yesterday morning there were some very promising signs of a beautiful day ahead.

IMG_4135The signs did not disappoint.


After breakfast I headed off to the box for a kiiillller workout. Emphasis on killer.


The strength portion of yesterday’s workout was challenging but I really enjoyed it.

A Bear Complex is like a front squat to a push press to a back squat to a push press. And then, well…you throw the bar with weight on the ground and it makes a really loud noise. The last part was the hardest for me. I want to guide the weight to the ground (which puts my back at risk of injury) instead of just letting go of it.


Sophie was confused when I first explained it to her, too. 

Don’t worry though. I perfected throwing weight on the ground after all the kettlebell swings in the WOD that followed.

500 m row 
5 ball slams (20 lbs med ball)
10 push-ups
15 air squats 

1 Bear Complex (65 lbs) 
rest 2 minutes

10 burpees
20 KB swings (26 lbs kettlebell)
30 DUs (90 singles) 
150 m run

Swear to you, I could hardly lift my arms after all of that. It was awesome. In parenthesis is what I did which wasn’t Rx but I look forward to progressing my way to Rx-ing a WOD.

When I got back from CrossFit I ate the other half of my banana from breakfast and had a protein shake that looked a lot like this:


My parents were in town yesterday so we all went for a walk once I finished my post workout snack.


Once we reached downtown we were surprised with a parade!


Ok but really it was for MLK Day. How fun?



While that went on we meandered in a few stores. Including a furniture store that had a super cool table. I didn’t get a picture though. 😐



The store we went to after this one is where I actually bought a few cool and unique nick nacks. Per usual I forgot to snap a photo of those, too. D’owh! I’ll just have to share them with you once I find a place for ’em.



Stiiiill working on leftovers.

The parents headed home after we all had a lunch composed of various leftovers from the fridge.





herbal tea + splash skim milk 

curried wasabi peas <<< SO good!

Granny Smith apple

I got super snacky when I was studying yesterday (I’d like to note that in attempt to focus better I listened to classical music on Pandora.) and basically grazed through the afternoon.



roasted butternut squash with rosemary + roasted Brussels sprouts + leftover salmon from Another Broken Egg + goat cheese + balsamic reduction 

Finally it was time for dinner. I roasted a butternut squash for the fiiiirst time and, you guys, that stuff is my jam! Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner how delicious it is?!



I enjoyed a small handful of dark chocolate chips while watching The Biggest Loser (aka best show ever).

At 8pm I headed off for a Project Health meeting and got a ticket on my way home for “Improper Lane Changing”.

I’m appealing in court.


Sophie woke up briefly to say goodnight!

Week in a Wednesay

Hello everyone! My apologies for going MIA the past week. I’ve been enjoying my time at home so much that I put my computer on the back burner. However, I still managed to keep my camera in mind so I could show you all what I’ve been up to!

Friday – Homeward Bound

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Friday morning after CrossFit I made my way home for the break – leaving my cozy dorm room behind. Before I completely over packed up my things I thought I’d snap a few pictures of my room so 1) I’ll remember where everything goes when I get back and 2) because I’m a little obsessed with it.



IMG_3399Once I arrived in my old stopping grounds I immediately started a pot of coffee to sooth a killer migraine.

IMG_3410Whilst sipping on my pipping hot mug of caffeine and reading Kristin’s Friday Favorites mom and I saw something that appealed to the both of us: Crock Pot Rancher’s Roast Beef, and so dinner was decided.



Saturday – …

The only somewhat exciting thing that happened on Saturday was a comfortable and chatty 3.5 mile run with Mom.

Sunday – Christmas Cookies Atlas! 

After church on Sunday I summoned one of my best friends, Emelie, to the house for some Christmas cookie baking and catching up.

IMG_3438 IMG_3439We sipped chocolate peppermint coffee with a splash of eggnog and listened to Christmas music on Pandora while we baked.

IMG_3450 IMG_3452Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a gingerbread man cookie cut-out or any festive cookie cut-out for that matter in the house so we made due with hearts, squirrels, and acorns. (Squirrel and acorn courtesy of Madeline, love you!)


photo-15We also whipped up these little beauties pictured above. So dangerously delicious especially after warmed in the microwave for 15 seconds. Don’t even get me started.

Monday – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 

Stephen and I made a trip over to Huntsville to run a few errands and pick up some groceries at Earthfare for dinner – which ended being a total success by the way.

Goat Cheese + Hot Pepper Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Stuffed Chicken

IMG_3485Whoa mama was this chicken off the wall tasty!


  • 4 butterflied boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1/2 cup goat cheese
  • 1/3 cup hot pepper raspberry chipotle sauce
  • S&P
  • EVOO


Preheat oven to 375F. Mix together cheese and hot pepper sauce and set aside. Season chicken with salt and pepper and stuff with cheese then drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

Serve along side roasted balsamic brussels sprouts and finger link potatoes. Mm mm mmm.



Tuesday – CrossFit with Dad + Breakfast

Tuesday morning I whipped up two breakfast sandwiches for me and the pops before we headed out to our first day of the CrossFit Intro course that we’re taking together while I’m home for break.

IMG_3490For me: toasted english muffin + Morning Star soy sausage patty + egg white + leftover goat cheese & hot pepper sauce.

This breakfast made me remember how much I enjoy savory morning meals.

IMG_3493For Dad: toasted english muffin + swiss cheese + deli turkey + whole egg + honey mustard mayonnaise.

No pictures from CrossFit – sorry! 😐

Wednesday – Leftover Lunches Rule

This morning Dad and I had another intro class at CrossFit Huntsville. So far so good! I think my dad is enjoying it more than he puts off but who knows. Even if he isn’t, I know I sure am and having him there makes it all the more! 🙂

Again, no pictures from CrossFit – promise I’ll try and remember to take a few on Saturday!

When I got home from CrossFit I cleaned and organized the entire kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and my room. Sheesh! You would’ve sworn a heard of elephants (Roll Tide?) ran through my room. After I finished cleaning I showered up and tended to my rumbling tummy.

IMG_3496Leftover brussels + grilled chicken + green beans + goat cheese + hot pepper raspberry chipotle sauce (kind of obsessed lately) with a side of fitness bread I picked up from Fresh Market today.

Annnd that sums up the past week! Now I’m off to watch a movie with the boyfriend. Have a good night y’all!

A Gruesome Workout

Good morning all!

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Today is the day I take my chemistry final…wish me luck.

I’m praying I do my best. 😀

Yesterday morning I attended CrossFit class numero duos and, of course, it was beast. I’m naturally a sweater (it’s actually pretty ridiculous) so it was to no surprise that I walked out of the box completely drenched. Not to mention it was also raining so that just added to it.

But before I got my sweat on I fueled up with this lovely little meal called breakfast.

1/3 cup old fashion oats + 2/3 cup water + 1 smashed banana + 1/2 cup blueberries + an unGodly amount of almond butter

Oh yeah.

Here’s what yesterday’s WOD (workout of the day) looked like…

Since it was Tara’s nineteenth birthday, we did AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) for 19 minutes. My first WOD on Monday was killer and it only lasted 12 minutes so I knew those extra 7 minutes were going to be brutal.

I ended up finishing everything but the 150 m run on my seventh round once time was called. I wasn’t able to Rx (complete as prescribed) this WOD since I’m new to these type of workouts so instead of using the 53 lbs, yes you read that right – 53 lbs kettlebell, I used the measly 8 lbs kettlebell and it was STILL a gruesome workout. So much that I could hardly raise my arms to wash my hair in the shower afterwards. I can’t wait to build my strength and be able to Rx a WOD. You bet I’ll feel beast after that. 😉

The crazy thing is I should be totally pumped to go home for Christmas break but I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to miss going to CrossFit! Scottsboro doesn’t have a box and the closest one is in Huntsville which requires a $150 two week intro course before drop-ins are allowed. 🙁

Guess I’ll have to a) ask for an early Christmas present or b) utilize some of Tina’s at home WODs.

After CrossFit, I knew my muscles took a beating so I helped them out a little with some protein so they can rebuild stronger and leaner!

1 scoop vanilla Show Me the Whey whey protein powder + good ole water

All shook up and waiting for me in the fridge upon my return. Yum.

Please note the nasty weather Tuscaloosa had yesterday. No good. Thankfully it stopped raining later in the evening just long enough for me to take a quick 3 miler before starting up again. All this nonstop thinking about CrossFit almost made me forget I’m suppose to be training for a half-marathon!

Now I’m off to by the grace of God ace this chemistry final and then wait on a very special visitor to arrive!

See you tomorrow with a little What I Ate Wednesday! 🙂

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! And for all my Alabama friends – happy finals week!

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My weekend was very laid back…

And full of studying. Chemistry – you better watch out, cause I’m coming for you tomorrow at 11:30am!

Friday I attended my very first CrossFit class! (Thanks for coming with, AuBrey!) More to come on that later.

But it’s safe to say I officially have OCD (Obsessive CrossFit Disorder). Yes, it’s real.

Before I start talking food, since this is a food blog after all, I need to mention someone’s birthday…

Happy way belated birthday to the boyfriend, Stephen! I just couldn’t not mention it on the blog even though it was on Thursday of last week. And I needed an excuse to use this picture. How cauuute is this dog?!

And if that wasn’t cute enough for you…

Then this one has to be! If you don’t follow Cute Emergency on Twitter you’re seriously missing out. This picture was captioned “Uh, what do I do? #FirstKiss”. Too funny.

Ok. Now for what was on the food scene this weekend. Since I always snap pictures of my breakfast and usually slack on lunch and dinner, I am only showing the latter two!

Friday I hit up Chipotle with Jordan and Brookley. (Sorry for the lack of food in this picture. I always remember to take a picture of what I ate after I polish it off. :?) I love Chipotle – minus how heavy handed they are. My gosh, they give you enough guacamole to serve at a party! So I always have to specify just a liiiittle bit of this and not too much of that. They probably think I a weirdo but oh well! 😛

For dinner on Friday I was feeling snacky so I put together a veggie plate. Green beans, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, 2 wasa crackers, and a healthy serving of hummus. 😉 Mm mm mmm.

Saturday’s lunch was my absolute favorite salad from Newk’s. Simply Salad with grilled salmon and all the fixin’s – croutons, chopped pickles, banana peppers, hot pepper relish, parmesan cheese, and sherry vinaigrette. Deeelish.

Fast forwarding to Sunday’s dinner (since I didn’t take a picture of Saturday’s dinner or Sunday’s lunch :|). A Kashi frozen meal was on the menu…I think this one was chicken penne of some sort. Just before I was about to dig in I was like…Wait. Where da veggies at?!

So I chopped and steamed up some green beans and zucchini. The zucchini is hiding underneath all those beans, promise.

Tossed it all together and viola! Veggies + frozen meal = healthy meal. Ah…that’s better. 🙂

That concludes the meal pictures for this post. I wrote down a little blogging schedule yesterday in attempt to make myself more accountable to daily posts. Let’s hope it works! Catch you guys tomorrow.

Have a kick ass Monday!