Goat Cheese, Hummus & Basil Stuffed Chicken

Good evening/good morning (depending on when you’re reading).

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Today has been a great day. I hope the same for the rest of you.

As always, let’s start with breakfast.




Greek yogurt + museli + strawberries & blueberries + chia seeds + PB2 + Love Grown granola + unsweetened almondmilk & coffee

Breakfast favorite is back again!

So, instead of guesstimating all of the measurements in my breakfast this morning, I took the time to measure everything out and enter them into MyPlate. The grand caloric total ended up being approximately 390 kcals. Perfect number for me. Perfect number for you? Who knows.





Spring mix + cucumber + grape toms + red onion + feta cheese + roasted butternut squash + smoked turkey + crumbled slice Ezekiel bread + Greek vinaigrette 

Again, I took the time to measure everything and track my lunch in MyPlate. Lunch ended up being around 400 calories. Yet again, a number I am satisfied with. Satisfaction also occurring from the delicious salad. 🙂



Sliced apple + raw almond butter


MaraNatha’s raw almond butter is officially my favorite nut butter at this point in my relationship with nut butters. Seriously stuff is goooooood.


However, when I checked the ingredient list I was a bit disappointed. This jar coming in at around ten bucks a pop contains only one ingredient. Alright so, the problem?

I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF and spend ten dollars on something else. Like organic produce because that shiz is pricey, too. Recipe coming soon…

Side note: I had a dried date as I was headed out the door to crossfit. So good yet so ugly… Poor little dates.


400 m run
10 push-ups
20 pass throughs

EMOM 20:
5 hang snatches @ 35 lbs 
15 box jumps (24"/20")

Practice kipping

Oh, crossfit. How I love you.

Alright, but really. I do. Sorry.

Today was the first time I did a hang snatch hence the light weight load. During the WOD, one of the other girls was snatching 65 lbs and boy was she fighting to bang ’em out but with everyone cheering her on she finished Rx. That’s the kind of stuff that motivates me to go past my comfort zone and make improvements.

Post Workout


I thought this picture was kinda cool. Maybe?


Coconut water + chocolate whey protein + water

Ze perfect recovery drink in thy own opinion. ‘Cause it tastes so darn good as it repairs my worn out muscles. 😉

Daily Dose of Sophie



Haha, I should definitely start making this a regular thing on the blog. Ah, a new category!



Is that restaurant quality or what?! Restaurant quality for sure. Recipe quality also!

Goat Cheese, Hummus & Basil Stuffed Chicken


*serves one Health Nut

  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 Tsp hummus (original flavor)
  • 2 Tsp goat cheese
  • 2 leaves basil, roughly chopped
  • EVOO
  • S&P


Preheat oven to 375*. Butterfly chicken breast, rub with EVOO, season with a little S&P, set aside (on a sheet pan or baking dish). Next, mix together hummus, goat cheese, and basil. After that’s done, stuff the chicken! Roast for a sold 30-35 minutes or until cook through. Easy.

*Simply double, triple, or quadruple ingredients for desired servings. 🙂





Serve alongside some pan seared beets, sautéed spinach, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction for a complete and flavorful meal. 😀


Deuces my friends.

By the way, HNC was mentioned on Mark Ricketts, MD as health blog of the week! How exciting! More exciting news Wednesday. 

Crock Pot Recipe + A Week in Fitness

Oh Sunday. How I love you.

The parents came down this afternoon for a late lunch at Another Broken Egg Cafe as well as NFL and Jim ‘N’ Nicks’ baby back ribs.

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Oh yeah, and for me.

Before I share the recipe I mentioned to you all last night, I’m going to share what I’ve been up to this week – fitness wise.

Week in Fitness 1/14-1/20

Monday – CrossFit

Tuesday – 5 mile run

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – 3 mile run with Mom

Friday – Off

Saturday – 7 mile run

Sunday – Restorative Yoga @ Yoga Bliss

Not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of my schedule this past week and I think I just might keep it around for a while. CrossFit and running left me sore each time but switching things up allowed me to be able to incorporate everything I wanted to do in the week. A little tricking of the body and I may even be able to add in some more yoga and CrossFit. We’ll just have to see how the upcoming week turns out.

Ok ok. Recipe time!

Crock Pot Salsa Shredded Chicken with Kale


Serves a lot


  •  4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 jar salsa
  • 1 can black beans
  • 1 can white shoepeg corn
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 leaves kale
  • 1-2 c chicken broth
  • Mexican oregano
  • S & P


On the morning of the day you plan on having this meal for dinner, chopped everything up that needs choppin’. While sipping on coffee with frothed milk that exploded when being frothed.


Now, get out your crock pot and pour a nice layer of salsa on the bottom.


There ya go. Next up: chicken breasts.


Nestle the chicken on top layer of salsa.


Don’t they look cozy? Time for the blanket of goods.


Layer corn, beans, onion, and garlic.


Then finish off with remaining salsa.


And if you’re still sleepy like I was and forgot all about the kale, throw it on top and then pour over chicken broth.

Cook on low for 2 hours and then shred chicken using two forks. Continuing cooking another 6 hours and then say hello to this:


And a house that smells drool worthy.

While this is awesome on its own, it’s even better with wild rice + quinoa.


Apologies for the poor picture quality. I was hungry!

Rice cookers = lifesavers. Serious. Invest in one.


Don’t forget to garnish with cilantro and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt (or sour cream).


Perfect hearty meal for a cold winter night.


The best part about this recipe – besides the fact that it’s zero hassle and tastes oh so good – is the endless ways to use leftovers! On a sandwich, enchiladas, in a salad…


Oh the possibilities!

Make this. Really. It freezes well, too, so you have no excuse not to make it.

Here’s to the end of a great week and many more to come!