Wednesday Words {of wisdom} + #stoopidheadforever

Goooood evening and Happy Hump Day everyone!

You may wondering what I’m getting at with this post so let me explain…

Since my post about deciding to move forward from my disordered eating and body image issues I thought it might be pfizer mexico viagra cool to share what I’ve learned thus far during my struggles and triumphs. So to start of my Words of Wisdom, I’d like to say that this is not about “turning over a new leaf”.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Which brings me to my first realization:

No more turning over new leaves. 

You see, every time I felt as though I had ruined my diet or workout regime I would immediately say to myself “Ok, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start on a new you”!

What’s so bad about that?

Well, it becomes a problem when you’re continuously having to turn over a new leaf. I ended up putting myself in a constant cycle of one extreme to the other because I was set on perfection which, in the end, only led me to failure. 

I have decided that my Peachy Post will be the last leaf I’m turning over on my journey to a healthy balanced lifestyle. The point that I’m getting at is there is no such thing as perfection. Mistakes are part of life and an indulgent dessert or missed workout is not the end of the world!

Got that? Good.



(Pretend that one of those is crunchy almond butter and the other is cashew butter.)

It seems most of the morning meals ’round these parts are either Greek yogurt + fruit + granola + PB or toast + nut butters + banana slices. Just pointing that out because, if we’re being honest here, it probably won’t change for a while.

Snack Part One


A little before lunch I snacked on a handful of grapes to tide me over. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten grapes and I swear I forgot how good they are. Mmm, so sweet.



Since I’m a lazy butt and didn’t make a trip to the grocery store before lunch I was forced to throw together what I already had on hand. Thankfully, I had baby kale that was still good chillin’ in the fridge as well as a VitaPizza, frozen peas, and marinara sauce. I am aware that the combination of all of those may not sound so appealing but lemme just tell ya, it was delicious.

Snack Part Two


After lunch my snackiness struck again! Part two included a teeny tiny apple and a generous “few” yogurt covered raisins.


Today was a CrossFit kinda day so I laced up my new Reebok Sublites and headed to the box.



20 push ups
20 pass throughs
20 sit ups


10 rounds for time:
10 wall balls @ 20/14
10 burpees

Score: 18:21

If a WOD looks easy then it’s going to kick your ass. Every. Single. Time. In case you aren’t that great with numbers, 10 rounds of 10 wall balls and burpees adds up to 100 each. In other words, there will be a lot of foaming rolling going on once I’m finished with this post.

Snack Part Three


As soon as I got back to my car after CrossFit I tore open a Kashi granola bar for some refuel. You know you had a good workout when it’s difficult to eat a granola bar…


After CrossFit I finally made a trip the Publix to pick up a few things for dinner. Normally I would have made a grocery trip to stock up for a week+ considering the state my kitchen is in but I’ll be heading out of town AGAIN on Friday morning so this trip’s bounty was light.

IMG_5787 IMG_5788

On the menu for dinner was spring mix, roasted Brussels sprouts, Mediterranean lentil salad, and goat cheese. Oh and can’t forget the balsamic glaze!

Other Things of the Day

Whilst snacking on a handful of grapes before lunch today a Twitter notification popped up in the corner of my screen. In awe I clicked to make sure what I saw was real…

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 5.32.44 PM

Um, yes. Slightly Stoopid not only tweeted at me but is also aware of HNC’s existence. 😮 #stoopidheadforever

Now if only Jillian Michaels would tweet me…

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be leaving town yet again.



Turns out the fam jam (read: Mom and Dad) and I are trucking over to Baton Rouge to meet up with the cuzzo for the Bayou Country Superfest. Since I’m a Hootie fan and all (duh) I’m most excited about seeing Darius Rucker. Bonus: Wagon Wheel is one of my all time favorite songs so I’m pumped to see Darius play his cover of it live. Life is just too good.

Time to wind down with a little HGTV and foaming rolling, yo. Hope you had a great Wednesday! Nighty.