Superset Workouts

Supersetting is a method of training where you do two exercises, one after the other, with no rest in between. There are three main types of supersets:

1. Same Muscle Group – most common type of supersetting that combines two exercises from the same muscle group. Most effective for muscle cutting and definition.

ex: tricep kickback with military push-up

2. Antagonistic – pairing opposing muscle groups back to back. Most effective method for building     muscle mass.

ex: bicep cable curls with tricep push-downs

3. Staggered Sets – combing major muscle groups with minor muscle groups that are not related. Most effective for building muscle in less time.

ex: chest press with calf raises

Supersetting is a great way to save time, increase intensity, and create your own work outs easily.

One of my favorite superset workouts is my Bis and Tris workout so I thought I’d share it.

 Bicep & Triceps Superset Workout

2×30 dumbbell curl
2×30 cable-bar pushdown
(light weight)
superset 1
3×15 stranding bicep cable-curl
3×15 preacher curl
superset 2
3×15 rope tricep pushdown
3×15 skull crushers
superset 3
3×15 hammer curls
3×15 lateral bicep curls
superset 4
3×15 tricep kickbacks
3×15 overhead tricep extension

stretch to cool down

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