Summing Up Monday

Goooooood evening.

Monday was a great day around these parts and kicked the week off on the right note. Starting with breakfast, of course. 😀


IMG_5444Greek yogurt + how to buy viagra in canada banana slices + blueberries + Kashi GoLean Crunch + the last of my Love Grown granola *tear*

Yogurt bowl and coffee. Always a great choice.

Shortly after breakfast I made my way out the door for some grocery shopping. I didn’t take any pictures of the load I brought home but I did take a few of my fridge. Just ’cause.


It’s not the best photo but whatever. Maybe I’ll conjure up a post about my fridge/pantry/etc. one of these days.

Once all my grocery goodies were put away in their place, I got started on lunch. 


IMG_5463Spring mix + grape toms + shredded carrot + wild rice & quinoa + feta + turkey burger + balsamic vinegar

The combo of feta + wild rice & quinoa + balsamic is just out of this world. Really.


Then the turkey burger sneaks into the flavor combination and there are no words.


I seasoned my Jennie-O turkey burger with Emeril’s Southwest Spice.


By the way, if you don’t already own a rice cooker I highly recommend you change that. These babies makes cooking rice a breeze.


Yum 🙂


IMG_5472Kiwi + pineapple + strawberries + Bare Fit granola 

Mid-afternoon I took a snack break from studying for finals and had some fruit and granola. While grocery shopping, I picked up some more “indulgent” granola since I finished off the bag of Love Grown for breakfast. This one is Bare Fit’s Maple Pecan and I have to admit, Love Grown better watch out because this stuff is bomb.



The goal for yesterday’s run was 5 miles and I ended up exceeding that by a 1.3 miles so that was nice. Running has been my jam lately. Seriously it’s weirding me out considering I’ve opted for runs instead of hitting up a WOD at CrossFit. Can’t say that I’m complaining though, the weather just keeps calling me outside!

After my run I did some foam rolling while Sophie licked the saltiness from sweating off of me. Thank you for that Soph. 


IMG_5481Kale + broccoli + veggie burger + Sweet Thai Chili pop chips + goat cheese + sriracha + balsamic reduction  

For dinner I had a crap ton of kale. Honestly, you would have been in awe if you saw the monstrosity before I wilted it down in some veggie broth. The pop chips ended up getting soggy since this was a “hot meal” so I think I’ll give them another go in a salad.


This dog is so cute sometimes I can hardly stand it. She got a bath last night, too, so she’s looking and smelling extra fresh. 😉


IMG_5486 IMG_5485Almond butter + dark chocolate + Kashi GoLean Crunch

This nearly empty jar of almond butter has been sitting in the cabinet for a while now just waiting for an opportunity to be polished off. Well, last night was the night. I melted in some dark chocolate and added Kashi for crunch. Perfect little dessert.

That sums up my Monday. I hope your week is coming along nicely!

6 thoughts on “Summing Up Monday”

  1. I absolutely love your blog and your beautiful way of eating. Outstanding and something I hope I one day achieve. I’m crossed in a stuck spot in life with lows on the end of food , digestion and physical activity. Want to be my nutritionist? For free? I won’t hold you “liable”…entirely voluntary and I’d give ya a testimonial 🙂

      1. Thanks. Sometimes I wonder if I make my meals too complicated? Like I wasn’t hungry for lunch but I’m creature of habit and “had” to eat …so I had 2 hard boiled eggs + a ton (too many) carrots and zucchini strips + 2 TBSP of hummus + 3 rice cakes + 1/2 TBSP olive oil…too complicated? with the fat and the hummus? or maybe I should have NOT had the added grains ? I notice a lot of people usually just snack on the things without the grains…I’m just “habit” grabby fingers…

        1. I’m a big believer of intuitive eating but I totally fall into the creature of habit thing. Your lunch sounds great — no such thing as too many veggies, haha! When it comes to lunch, for me, I’ll usually try to have a salad of some sort that includes protein, carb, and some healthy fat. So for instance, I’m about to make lunch with spring mix (veg), brown rice & quinoa (carb), cherry tomatoes (veg), green peppers (veg), and a turkey burger (protein), feta cheese (protein), and balsamic vinegar + extra virgin olive oil (healthy fat) — the perfect combo for taste and satiety! 😀

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