Giveaway Winner

Hello hello and happy birthday to me!

The Parents + cousin Russ and I just checked into our hotel in Bonita Springs, FL and I am exhausted.

Before I move on with anything else I’d like to announce the winner of the Bestowed Giveaway:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.01.45 PM

Congratulations Mo! Shoot me and email at and I’ll get you hooked up with your Bestowed Box. 🙂

P.S. I randomly drew names out of a hat…literally. So if you entered multiple times your name was in the hat that many times. 

So today has been a full day of travel while yesterday did not disappoint in the busy department. No wonder I’m so buy generic no online prescription viagra tired. Sheesh. The past two days have consisted of:

A 6:00am walk with the old man on Monday morning

DSC03750 DSC03751 DSC03754

Almond butter and banana slices on two toasted blueberry Kashi waffles


Birthday GYIAJ (Greek yogurt in a jar)


Traveling to Florida


Traveling to Florida with Winston 😉


White chocolate covered Oreos…hey it’s my birthday after all


Right now we’re all relaxing in our room before finding somewhere to go for dinner. It’s storming so I have a feeling we won’t stray too far from the hotel.

I’ll *hopefully* see you guys tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner”

  1. I think I’m late on this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *LOVE* Winston. I know you’re enjoying him! Talk with you soon and have a wonderful July 4th! xo, RKG

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