Slathered in Peanut Butter

Oh, Mondays. Love ’em or hate ’em?

It is STILL raining here and to top it off it’s cold again. Although the cold is somewhat of a plus since it’s not so humid anymore.

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This morning I was up bright and early (5am to be exact) so I could get an early morning CrossFit workout in before my day began. During cross country season in high school I used to love how I felt on the days when we’d have 5:30am practice so I’m excited to be starting the day off with an early morning sweat again.

Since the only pictures I have to share with you all are from Friday night and Saturday that’s what I’m gonna do. πŸ˜€



A long run was in the books for Saturday morning so I fueled up beforehand with a satisfying meal.


Two pieces whole wheat toast with cinnamon raisin peanut butter and a banana.


Man, have I been obsessed with anything slathered in peanut butter lately. Just can’t get enough of it. Sooo good.


And, of course, I had some coffee.

Once breakfast was partially digested–had a few peanut buttery burps during my run :?–I hit the pavement for a six miler. I can’t tell you the last time I ran six miles so I was slightly apprehensive but as soon as I got going I felt good.



It might have taken me a little while but I still ran six miles so I’m not complaining.

After my run I was one heck of a sweat mess thanks to the humidity so I hurried up and showered before I started working on lunch.



Roasted sweet potato wedges with ketchup and a salad containing:

  • spring mix
  • can white meat chicken
  • dollop of guacamole
  • raspberries (there were like 5 left in the container so I figured what the heck?)
  • balsamic vinegar reduction


Pretty sure I’ve had a sweet potato everyday for the past week. 😐


The raspberries made for a great savory sweet salad. I’ll definitely be recreating this!

After lunch I headed off to a meeting for the University of Alabama’s Project Health organization. Since I’m a returning health ambassador I added training from 12:30pm-7pm instead of from 9am-7pm (props to all you guys who were there that long!).

As soon as I got out of training I headed straight to Fernando’s Mexican Grill, a local restaurant in town, for Meagan’s birthday dinner.


Isn’t she cute? πŸ˜‰



This is the only picture I took from dinner but this place was bomb!

Originally I ordered the black bean soup and so did Mary Harmon who sat one seat over from me. Well, when our waiter came out with a bowl of the soup I let Mary Harmon have at it first. After he laid the bowl down in front of her he turned to me, apologized, and then explained they were out of black bean soup. I, of course, thought he was joking and began to laugh and then he went on to say he was being serious.


Sooo, I ended up ordering the chicken tortilla soup because it was the only other thing I remembered on the menu. To be honest I’m kind of glad I had to order the chicken tortilla–it was SO good! Avocado, rice, shredded chicken, awesome flavor. Oh, and Fernando’s salsa is kiiiiiiller. I could’ve drank it straight from the bowl.

On Friday I mentioned having some girl friends over for a girls’ night–I made guacamole that turned out to be a huge hit (I’ll share that recipe soon)–so I want to share some pictures because I looove my friends!









Such a great group of people. Love you guys!

Hope everyone started the week off right and by that I mean I hope you watched the Biggest Loser tonight. Favorite show. πŸ˜€


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