Killer Leg Routine

I train legs on Monday and lately I’ve been mixing things up from my usual workout trying to find that sweet spot and boy have I found it! My legs and butt are killing me! I don’t know how you feel about a sore body but I feel dadgum proud when I’m sore because I know it means that all my hard work in the gym is paying off.

Here’s what I did this Monday:

Killer Leg Workout

warm up
5 minute brisk walk on treadmill
superset #1
3×15 leg extensions
3×15 narrow stance squats with weight
superset #2
3×15 leg press
3×15 stiff-leg dead lift with weight
super set #3
3×15 hamstring curls
3×20 (each leg) lunges with weight
superset #4
3×15 hip adductor and abductor
3×30 calf raises with weight
cool down
5 minute walk

*I do not do cardio on leg day because if done correctly this workout will suffice as cardio as well. I do however do a handful of abdominal exercises after this workout. It’s very important to stretch after any workout – so don’t forget that part! And it’s even more important to have protein after a workout ASAP – so have this banana protein smoothie!

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