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Hello and happy Monday peeps! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

My grandparents visited this weekend as well as some Vestavia chicas. Gotta love a weekend full of visitors, am I right?



Sophie loves visitors so she had a great weekend, too.


Well, minus her kitchen sink bath…


Last week Madre and I gave my house a little freshening up. Nothing too drastic, just some organizing in the kitchen and my closet.

Organizing is one of my talents. I don’t have very many but I can clean and organize like a beast. Since I could probably talk for days about every nook and cranny that I have organized in my house, I’ll spare you the boredom and give you just the jist of things.

Starting with my kitchen shelves…


There isn’t a whole lot of cabinet space in my kitchen so we purchased this adjustable shelf at Home Depot for only around $100.


At the very top of the shelf I keep my reusable shopping bags in that black bin which is on top of a wooden pizza serving piece. The two wicker baskets just below hold plastic baggies and then dog treats for Soph. Beside those I keep my colored baking ramekins, bowls, and then a salad bowl with napkins.


Next, I have all of my serving ware, most of which came from Old Time Pottery. Hello money saving! At Lowes we had a piece of plywood cut to lay on this shelf so I could add a shelf riser for ample space saving.


Just below all of my plates and things I have flours, nuts, quinoa, and a couple of other stuff stored in canisters from Target. Next to those is an empty wicker basket for one of my roommates to keep their pantry items. Then, last on the shelf is a fruit/veggie basket where I keep sweet potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, and other things of the like.


Moving on to the last two shelves, I have three more wicker baskets for my roomies and me to keep our pantry goodies in and then my large pot, dutch oven, panini press/grill/griddle (<— amazing apliance), and then coozies for those cold drinks. Heh heh.

Having an exposed shelf like this in my kitchen freed up a TON of space in the cabinets and drawers. Perfect for when I acquire more kitchenware. 😉

Ok. Now for my closet!


I know…I have way too many clothes.

IMG_5977 IMG_5976

As soon as you walk in to the right I have a hanging shelf for tees, workout/lounge pants, shorts, and sweater. Next to that I keep all of my long skirts and dresses. On the wall I have most of my costume jewelry and then room for hats and such just above that.

IMG_5974 IMG_5975

Starting with the first picture, I have most of my nicer shirts, long sweaters, jackets, and tanks hanging. I have everything in order according to sleeve length and then color. The next shelf has skirts and dresses, also organized based on style and sleeve length. Then on the end I have my belts on a belt/tie hanger from Target.

I’m in the processing of switching all of my hangers over to black velvet hangers vs. plastic. The velvet helps prevent things from sliding off. I scored most of my hangers from Ross for waaay cheaper than Target or Bed Bath & Beyond. Marshall’s and Hobby Lobby should have the velvet hangers at a good price also, I’m sure.


Please excuse my laziness and clothes waiting to be put away on the floor. 

Underneath my hanging clothes I have my SHOES! My mom just redid her closet and was going to get rid of these shoe cubbies until I got ahold of them. Score. They work perfectly for storing all of my shoes as well as shoe bags, gloves, and small jewelry boxes for my nicer pieces.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the picture I have all of my pullovers and heavier jackets in a box underneath my bags and purses that are in a wicker basket from Pottery Barn.

Just above my shoe cubbies I have a basket full of workout DVDs and other gear. To the left of that I have a set of adjustable dumbbells and then two smaller wicker baskets, also from Pottery Barn, that store my sunglasses and cords and etc. for all of my cameras and electronics.

And now for my favorite part thus far…


…my jewelry cork boards! Having the rest of my jewelry displayed on cork boards makes it loads easier to keep things from getting messy. Also, I can see everything a lot better when it’s out like this so I wear more and don’t forget about pieces.


Lastly, I keep boxes with winter boots on top of my shelf. Along with my suitcase and ClosetMaid bins that store socks, swim suits, running shorts, and hats. Anything else that’s out of season (scarves, other sweaters, turtle necks, etc.) I keep in boxes underneath my bed. T shirts, PJs, and other random things I have in a dresser in my room.

Wellllll, that’s all folks. If you have any questions please ask!

I’m off to get the day started, hopefully with a nice run and some baking. 😛

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  1. i love the way you organized your kitchen things! i have a george foreman for grilling chicken, but it also doubles as a panini press 🙂 love it!

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