Iron Bowl Recap + 35 Minute Treadmill Workout

Hello and happy Tuesday everybody!

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I’m a little late on recapping my weekend, but better late than never, right?

Anyways, my plan was to stay home and watching the Iron Bowl with my parents and a few of their friends (they always make for a great time) until my cousin informed me he was coming to Tuscaloosa for a visit. Since the last time I saw him was after the Auburn game and only for a few minutes, I decided to make the trip back to Ttown a little early.

I met up with Zach and his buddy DJ mid-morning on Saturday. Shortly after picking up our last game day crew member, AuBrey, we headed to a family friend’s tailgate.

I can’t tell you how weird it was having people notice Zach and ask for a picture with him. I kept telling them I was his cousin and asked if they’d like a picture with me also. Totally kidding but their faces after my comment were priceless. They were all like…sure? 😉

After picking up a few other friends, we all headed over to another one of Zach’s buddy’s house to watch the game. Of course, it was a blowout (49-0). Roll Tide.

Fast forwarding from Saturday to this morning’s breakfast…

Kashi Maze + Nature’s Path Flax Flakes + PB2 + raspberries + blueberries + unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

A short while after breakfast I headed to the Rec Center with AuBrey for a run on the treadmill. Our original plan was to run outside but due to the yucky weather and the wind we decided to take things inside. My treadmill session looked like this…

35 Minute Treadmill Workout

0-5 warm up
5-7 6 mph
7-8 7 mph 
8-10 6 mph
10-11 7 mph
11-13 6 mph
13-14 7 mph 
14-16 6 mph incline 1
16-17 5 mph incline 2 
17-19 6 mph incline 1 
19-20 5 mph incline 3
20-22 6 mph incline 1 
22-23 5 mph incline 4 
23-25 6 mph incline 1 
25-26 5 mph incline 5 
26-28 6 mph incline 1 
28-30 7 mph
30-35 cool down

This workout definitely made the time go by super fast (gotta love that!) and kept me from getting bored. Not to mention, those hill intervals were a real kick in the butt! Next time I might crank up the the speed and really get things going. 😉

On the agenda for tonight was suppose to be a trip back to the Rec Center for a Fitness Yoga class but I just couldn’t bring myself to go out again. So instead, I put my P90X Yoga DVD in.

Oh boy, I remember back when I would dread Thursday’s during my P90X New Year’s Challenge. If you think yoga is an easy workout, think again! But after getting over my short moment of dreading this workout, an hour and a half later and I was feeling great! Muscles worked and rejuvenated. 🙂

You bet I was ready for dinner after yoga. Dinner started off looking like this…

(The picture, not the box.)

Then I proceed to add a ton of leftover Thanksgiving turkey and a big ole spoonful of salsa and it ended up looking like this…

Mm mm mmm. This turned out surprisingly better than expected. Weird how much it actually smelled like Thanksgiving!

For dessert I had a frozen miniature Hershey’s bar from Halloween. It tasted just like chocolate milk and I love me some chocolate milk!

Well, that’s all I have for today. Now I’m off to what will surely be a night full of chemistry homework and medical terminology studying.


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