Ice cream maker, check.

TGIF everyone!

So tonight is Greek Fest here at UA and Wiz Khalifa(!), Dispatch(!!!), and Mother Funk are playing. I.can’t.wait.

Furthermore, this little gem arrived in the mail for me earlier this afternoon…


Ice cream maker, check.

I CANNOT wait to make this recipe. I can’t even deal with the deliciousness and genius of that concoction. Also, I have some leftover sugar cookie dough in my freezer from an Alpha Gam nutty buddy cookie shindig that I think would make an excellent addition to some homemade vanilla ice cream. Oh! And Reese Puffs because somehow those ended up in my kitchen.

Shortly before the ice cream maker found its home, I had lunch. I finished off the last of some salad greens thus giving me a disposable salad bowl. Score.


I just gotta tell you what’s up in this salad because it was so stinkin’ good. So here goes…

  • salad greens (duh)
  • cucumbers
  • grape toms
  • avocado
  • roasted sweet potato
  • Wickles pickles
  • Jennie-O turkey burger cooked in veggie broth
  • feta
  • T-lish dressing (SO good)

Must recreate again soon…like for dinner.

After lunch and said ice cream maker’s arrival, I made my way to the campus rec center. A few minutes before I left I had a pre-workout supplement drink.


Last week My Supplement Store sent me some more all-natural and organic samples to try including this Beta Peptide supplement (what’s in my shaker bottle).


Usually I’m not one for supplementing before a workout, I’ll just have a small snack instead ’cause I’m lazy. Surprisingly this supplement helped keep my stamina up during my workout and decreased muscle burn/fatigue. Another surprise, it tasted just like fruit punch! I really like the fact that Beta Peptide is comprised of 29 nutrient-dense fruits including 10 organic fruits. Quite the superfood supplement that I would definitely spend my own money on!

(Oh and my roommate can also vouch for the taste quality.)

MSS sent me a few other samples…

New Chapter Perfect Immune organic multivitamins


Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s multivitamin


Nova Forme Cyto Greens supplement


I look forward to trying the remaining samples. They all fit the bill for being all-natural or organic and are easy to add into anyone’s everyday routine.

If you haven’t read my other review on My Supplement Store you can do so here.

MSS is a really cool site with friendly people so you should head over there and say hi. Maybe even make friends with them, too, and buy some supplements ‘n stuff. viagra in canada They have err thang, even the organic stuff that’s right up my alley. That’s a rare find, folks. Rare find.

Before I sign off, please appreciate the cuteness and horrible quality of this photo. Love ya Winst.


I’m off to shower and get ready for a fun evening. Peace out my friends!

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