Christmas 2012

Gooo oood morning!

So, I’m a tad late on recapping my Christmas…

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But better late than never, right?

My family and I have a confession:

We open all our presents on Christmas Eve and save stockings and “Santa presents” for Christmas morning. This, of course, is not something I have a problem with. 😉

IMG_3584This year my aunt Robin and uncle E. hosted Christmas. I always love going to their house – my aunt is an exceptional decorator and will one day design/decorate my home. 😀

IMG_3576My parents are some good looking people, eh? 😉

Before heading over to E. and Robin’s, my family fueled up on breakfast – which was a total hit by the way. Thanks Iowa Girl Eats for this awesome recipe. Thinking about making it again with a few adjustments. I’m thinking jalapeños, red onion, paprika, chili powder…oh the possibilities are endless!

IMG_3618Considering this is a food blog I’m seriously sucking at taking photos of FOOD! But here’s some Christmas cookies Zach and I made on Christmas Eve Eve.


Before Christmas dinner was served we had a Quinlivan Dirty Santa. I contributed a few good reads that my cousin Russ ended up getting to keep.

























Just a little look in to my family’s humor.


Christmas dinner was deeelish. Beef tenderloin, corn soufflé, salad with feta, walnuts, and fig + walnut vinaigrette, whole wheat rolls, garlic mashed potatoes, and greens beans.


Annnd dessert included: chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon-raisin-apple bread pudding with rum sauce (courtesy of me) and a festive cheesecake from Junior’s that my grandma contributed.


Caught her sneaking another cookie. 🙂

IMG_3565Will, Russ, me, Zach

IMG_3607Mom bought a hand/eye coordination game for Dirty Santa and everyone had a good time trying to show off their skills.

IMG_3600The goal was to get the hole in the ball to land on the point of the handle.



My uncle would be the one to correctly do it and then grant himself bragging rights.


Christmas this year couldn’t have been better; good food, good people, good times.


You know that ESPN commercial where everyone does ^^^ that little move and says Roll Tide? Well I swear my dad and Zach can’t mimic that commercial enough. We’re thinking that gesture might be a good celebration move after Zach throws a nice TD pass. Whadda ya think? 😉

A good way to wrap this up would we with a Roll Tide and wishing everyone a happy New Year!

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