WIAW: The Juicer is Back

Happy Hump Day my friends!

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Last week I shared my Wednesday eats on Thursday and this Wednesday I’m sharing my Tuesday eats. Either way it’s WIAW!



Breakfast – 7:30 am



Greek yogurt + museli + chia seeds + banana slices + blueberries + Love Grown granola + Barney Butter 

It’s baaaaack! Still loving this morning meal so in attempt to not get tired of it I switched to Kodiak Cakes this morning. As for tomorrow… 😉

Lunch – 12:30 pm 



Since my mom was here yesterday, we walked up the street to a favorite spot of mine – Hooligan’s. They have an awesome Mediterranean menu as well as burgers and spuds. In other words, lots of delicious variety!


Their mint teas are off the chain. I highly recommend mixing unsweet & sweet for the perfect drink.



Spring mix + roasted sweet potato & broccoli + Hooligan’s chicken & warm pita + feta + red onion + balsamic reduction 

Since my fridge has been recently stocked up with produce and etc. I only ordered a side of chicken and sautéed mushrooms (<— the best). Chicken for yesterday’s salad, ‘shrooms for today’s.


We made a furry friend on our walk back. 😀

Snacks – 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm 


Trail mix — raw almonds + TJ’s cashews + dried cherries + dark chocolate chips

My food science lab is from 2:00-5:00 pm and I always get hungry somewhere during that time. Usually I bring a bar of some sort but when I reached for one on the way out yesterday I realized there were none left. Gasp! No worries, I threw this little trail mix together in a snap.

And because I can’t resist…IMG_4683


Other 1/2 banana from breakfast + diced pear + sunflower butter microwaved for one minute

My intentions were to only have the banana half to tide me over until I juiced (!!!) dinner but the Sunbutter was literally screaming my name. What else could I have done? Nothing.

Workout – 6:30 pm


Again, I had specific intentions that I ended up veering away from. My plan was to go to a hot yoga class at Yoga Bliss from 5:30-7:00 pm but then I was suddenly reminded at 4:30 pm that I had an online Music 121 quiz due by 5:30 pm so those plans were shot.

Forty minutes with Rodney Yee was a great substitute so I’m not complaining. Plus, now I have an extra yoga pass for another time. Woohoo!

Dinner – 8:00 pm 

Look who’s back. Back again…


My juicer is back. Tell a friend.



Or maybe don’t because that was suuuper corny.


Juice of: 1 broccoli stalk + 1 small beet + ~ 1 cup baby carrots + 1″ ginger + 2 small apples with a splash of coconut water mixed in 

I reeeeaaaallllllly want to do a juice detox but I just don’t have a conducive schedule. So, juice dinners might be in order!

To me, this juice tasted really good but I know if my mom had a sip a look of utter disgust would immediately cover her face. Eh well, to each their own, right?

Hope the day is going well! Do the body some good. 🙂

WIAW Shared on Thursday

Good morning!

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A chemistry test is waiting for me at 5:00 this evening. I. Am. Terrified.

Breakfast – 7:30 am



Greek yogurt + museli + Love granola + banana slices + blueberries + PB + chia seeds + Sara Beth’s mixed berry jam + splash almond milk

This breakfast combo is sooo good. I’ve had it the past three days in a row and would make it four if I didn’t use up the last of the Greek yogurt this morning.


Oh, and I had coffee. 😀

Snack – 11:00 am


Orange + cashews

Originally I had planned on making it to the box at 9:00 am but then I got side tracked with some school work and decided to go at 12:15 pm. Since that’s right around my lunch time I had this little snack to tide me over.

Workout – 12:15 pm

3 rounds:
10 air squats
10 push-ups
10 pass throughs
400 m run (after 3 rounds) 

For time:
23 back squats @ 45 lbs
23 pull-ups
23 burpees
23 toes to bar
23 burpees
23 pull-ups
23 back squats

Score: 11:58 (@ 15 lbs + knees to elbows + blue band)

This WOD was definitely a killer. Even though I modified a good bit, it still kicked my butt. The last time I did pull-ups in a WOD I had to use the purple and blue band and yesterday I only used the blue, yippee! Kipping pull-ups — I’m coming for ya!

Lunch – 1:45 pm



Spring mix + leftover acorn squash + cucumber + shredded carrot + red onion + deli peppered turkey + goat cheese + ground flax seed + balsamic vinegar

Yes, my salad was so ginormous I had to eat it out of a mixing bowl. I’m not ashamed either! The whole time I was preparing lunch my arms were literally shaking from said WOD. Such a great feeling.

Snack – 4:00 pm


Diced pear + Barney almond butter (Thanks again Taylor, it’s almost gone!) microwaved for one minute

Before I completely drowned myself in chemistry, I had a small snack that has been a favorite as of late.

Dinner – 7:45 pm



Roasted Brussels sprouts + crispy grilled Swiss cheese on Ezekiel bread + ketchup

By the time I got home from chapter last night I was starving. My hungry impatience explains the slightly charred grilled cheese. Nevertheless, it was still a great dinner. You just can’t beat a grilled cheese, right?

My good friend, Taylor (also a nutrition major), came over as I was finishing dinner up for a chemistry study session. Finger crossed all our talking out the meaning of chiral centers and polarity of aldehydes and ketones pays off!

We both sipped on hot tea with a splash of milk (no picture, oops) before calling it quits and hitting the sack.     

Hope your Wednesday was a good one and here’s to today!

WIAW: Good Eats


I’ve got a beaut of a post coming atcha on this lovely afternoon. Might I just emphasize lovely afternoon. There’s no way it’s February!

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This picture really doesn’t do today justice. Sorry, I’m barely a food photographer.

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means — What I Ate Wednesday post!

Breakfast – 9:00am (I slept in)


A delicious batch of oatmeal on was the agenda for yesterday morning’s breakfast.

1/3 c. old fashioned oats + 1/3 c. each water & unsweetened vanilla almondmilk + 1/4 c. egg whites + 1 tsp. chia seeds + 1/2 c. blueberries + 1/2 smashed nanner + spoonful PB 

Oatmeal is hard to beat. Alongside my oats I had some coffee. Mmm.


Lunch – 12:30pm 


Three Bean + Sweet Potato Turkey Chili + Whole Wheat Skillet Cornbread + shredded cheese + plain Greek yogurt

There was no thought about what lunch was going to be since I knew I had a ton of leftover chili in the fridge. There’s about one serving left now thanks to Jay who was over Monday night and then these two last night…


Aren’t they the cutest little engineer couple you’ve ever seen? 😉

Back to more important things, like food.

Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm 


Ohmigah this snack…

Almond butter + 1/2 sliced banana + coconut flakes + cinnamon heated up in the microwave

This snack was definitely good but the one I’m currently nomming on is like whoa good. I’ll have to share next post. 🙂


Yesterday I did hot yoga for the first time. It was awesome and I really needed a good stretch after Monday’s CrossFit workout.

Which is what I’ll be sharing in place of my pictureless hot yoga class. 😀


Let me just start off by saying NEVER in my life have my glutes/hamstrings been so sore. You should watch me try to sit down.

Shout out to Ellis and Sarah Gable who came with me on Monday! They’ll be back soon I’m confident. 😉

We got to the box a little on the late side so I had to skip out on the strength portion. Thinking about it I’m actually grateful we were kind of late. There’s no telling how dead I’d be had I lifted before the brutal WOD.

Dinner – 7:30pm

Dinner came together in a few steps…IMG_4321

First step:

Spring mix + feta + red onion tossed with…


This awesome salad dressing Bill let me have. Thank ya Bill!

IMG_4322Step two:

Saut̩ed + oven roasted salmon seasoned with the good guys РEVOO + S&P


Step three:

Add roasted Brussels sprouts and salmon to spring mix

Such a great dinner. And a great day. I officially have a roommate that’s not of the K9 family.


Welcome home J Will lerv ya!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a WOD with Meagan and Monicka! Wish us luck!

Do the body some good.


Happy Hump Day peeps!

Since it’s Wednesday that means another What I Ate Wednesday post. I always love when I find the time to blog on Wednesday AND I took pictures of everything I ate on Tuesday Wednesday. 🙂

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Breakfast – 7:00am


1 whole egg + 2 egg whites with sautéed spinach, splash of skim milk, sprinkle of monterey jack cheese, and a drizzle of ketchup

Lately, I’ve really been into scrabbled eggs (I was super upset when I went to grab for the eggs this morning and realized I used the last three on meal pictured above.) which is unusual for my typical early morning sweet tooth.


1 slice whole wheat toast with a generous serving of cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter

My hankering for something sweet was still present yesterday morning so I had to adhere.

Lunch – 12:30pm


There was a perfect serving of leftover chili and cornbread waiting for me when I got home from class. My hunger was out of control by the time lunch rolled around so I was glad to have something hearty all ready to go.


Lunch also happened to go along with the dreary weather so it was a win win.


After polishing off every morsel of chili I was still hungry. Maybe it was just in my head but whatever. I had an apple anyways.

*Fast forward*

The weather was STILL gross yesterday and I had a 5 miler on the agenda. I was going back and forth between running or taking a rest day and well…

Workout – 5:30pm


…I chose to run. Typically I wuss out when it comes to running in the cold nowadays. Yesterday, however, I decided to grow a pair *of ovaries* and hit the pavement in the cold and rain. Once I got started I felt good but I kept saying I’ll just do 3 or 4 miles instead of the 5 that were on my training schedule. Long story short I ended up going the extra .23 mile. 😉

My tummy was growlin’ as soon as I got back so I quickly showered and started getting to work on dinner.

Dinner – 7:15pm


Last night’s dinner was GOOD. In the mix: roasted sweet potato, zucchini, onions, and cherry tomatoes with deli turkey and balsamic reduction. Mmm.


I spiced things up with these guys. And a little S & P and EVOO. Duh.


While dinner was awesome I still needed a little somethin’ somethin’.

Dessert – 8:00pm (ish)


What better than chocolate to satisfy my needs, right?

Well folks, that just about sums things up. My mom just arrived in town so I gotta jet!

What did you eat Wednesday?