Frozen Blueberries + Wednesday Words {of wisdom}

Hello and happy hump day!

This morning I had an early wake up call for a 5:30am bootcamp class…

IMG_6247 IMG_6250

…which ended up getting canceled due to a storm a little earlier. Of course, I didn’t find out until after I was dressed and ready to go so I took my sweat sesh to the basement.


After my workout I headed to a produce stand in town with hopes that they would have fresh berries that I could have with breakfast. Well, they were closed so I had to settle for frozen blueberries. Today just isn’t my day folks.


Maybe things will brighten up with what I have on the menu for dinner: Summer Vegetable Pie

We’ll see.

And here’s the latest Wednesday Words viagra with no prescription in britain {of wisdom}:

Enjoy the moment.

This may seem cliche or even obvious but so often we don’t realize just how good things are in our life. It’s very frustrating to look back on a time when you should have been SO grateful for so many different aspects of your life and yet you were too focused on things that were so minor in comparison. I’m going to keep this “words of wisdom” short and sweet because it’s plain and simple: savor this moment and every moment because you never know what life is going to throw your way. Find the good in every situation.

“When I find myself focusing overmuch on the anticipated future happiness of arriving at a certain goal, I remind myself to ‘Enjoy now’. If I can enjoy the present, I don’t need to count on the happiness that is (or isn’t) waiting for me in the future.” – Gretchen Rubin


Wednesday Words {of wisdom}

Good morning friends!

Before I get to the post title, let me show you what’s been happening lately with some delicious eats.

IMG_6043 IMG_6080 DSC03729 IMG_6071 IMG_6072 DSC03730 IMG_6063

Do you spy those pizzas? Mhmmm. Recipe + How To coming very soon. 😉

So far, all I have planned for this seemingly beautiful Hump Day is a yoga sesh, checking things off my never-ending To Do list, and *hopefully* relaxing with a good book. Oh yes, and perfecting + photographing a recipe I whipped up last week that was quite the tasty dish.

And now for Wednesday Words!

{of wisdom}:

Stop comparing yourself to others.

At some point or another we all find ourselves playing the comparison game. Whether it’s this month’s Comso cover girl, your best friend, or the stranger next to you during yoga.

Truth be told, that cover girl has been photo shopped into a make believe person, your best friend thinks you’re gorgeous, and the stranger next to you is just that: a stranger.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my self confidence squashed because I started comparing myself to someone else. Someone that may very well be comparing themselves to me and feeling the exact same way. When we start comparing ourselves to someone else we forget about all the wonderful things we love about ourselves and instead focus on the things we see in someone else and think we don’t have.

Look it folks, we gotta stop playing this nasty game with ourselves. Each and every one of you reading this please know you are beautiful in your own way. Don’t let your insecurities over come you but rather over come your insecurities. Let your strength embody your beauty. Love yourself for every blemish and attribute.

Leave a positive note to yourself where you’ll see it every single day and be reminded viagra buy now of how awesome and unique you are. Some of my favorite positive notes include: “you’re stronger than you think”, “love yourself”, “you are beautiful”, “stronger today than yesterday”, and many more.


Time to kick today in the ass.

And remember: love yourself more.

Wednesday Words {of wisdom}

Hey hey!

Guess where I am?


Home! I decided on a whim on Monday afternoon that I needed to head home and so I did.

Yesterday, my mom, a few of her friends, and myself went on a 40(!) mile bike ride on the Chief Ladiga Trail.


I’ll give you the complete recap on that later.


For breakfast this morning I enjoyed two Kashi blueberry waffles with almond butter and banana cheapest price viagra slices. Mmm.


And now I’m off to a stretching based yoga class with my mom. After our bike ride yesterday you better believe yoga is the name of the game for today.

I’ll leave you with this weeks Wednesday Words!

This week’s Words of Wisdom is one of my favorite tips for staying on track in a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Write it down!

Writing things down is an awesome way to keep yourself in check with your eats and sweat sessions. Before, I would write down everything in my Hello Kitty workout journal from how heavy I was lifting and what I ate on the weekend to motivational sayings and quotes.


Lately, I’ve been using blank notecards to write down each meal, my workout, water intake, and my feelings from that day. It’s really helpful to be able to look at days when I wasn’t feeling all that great and compare them to the days when everything was on point to find what works best for me.


Also, knowing I’m going to be writing down everything that I eat makes me think twice and be more mindful about my choices.


Sometimes I’ll even add a “Goals for Tomorrow” category to my notecard that may include things like drink more water, swap a piece of chocolate with a mug of hot tea, or stretch before bed. It’s a fun way to challenge myself while being very attainable at the same time.


What tools do you use to help keep you on track in a healthy lifestyle?