Fully Ready for Fall


This past weekend I headed home with a few of my favorite people to visit a few more of my favorite people. Camping, football, and a lot of chillaxin’ was involved.

IMG_6703 IMG_6693IMG_6697

I brought my camera on our camping trip so that’s where the pictures are coming from today. There’s nothing better than a good candid shot. Am I right?

Anyone have an Eno hammock?

IMG_6688 IMG_6679

They’re pretty neat little gadgets.

Here’s a glimpse at my paparazzi skills… 😀

IMG_6662IMG_6659IMG_6655 IMG_6673IMG_6705 IMG_6667 IMG_6666

(Corey is an L.L. Bean model by the way.)

Good people, good times. Nothing like it.


Ohhh check dat fyyyuuuhhh. 😉


After camping last weekend I am fully ready for fall to roll in. It’s my favorite season by far and I’m itching to bust out my boots and cozy sweaters, whip up batches of chili, and watch the colors change while sitting on my balcony. Ahhh…

Anything fun planned for the upcoming weekend?

I’ll leave you with this happy picture and happy quote. Wishing everyone a great rest of the week!


“Whatever creates or increases happiness or some part of happiness, we ought to do; whatever destroys or hampers happiness, or gives rise to its opposite, we ought not to do.”

She's baaack!

(She meaning me.)

Hey there!

So…uh…long time no blog, right? There should be an inside HNC joke about how many posts have a title pertaining to my being alive or back from blogging hiatuses.

Many of you might have started to come to the conclusion that I lost interest, gave up all together, or maybe even fell off the face of the world.

The latter is true…the face of the blog world, to be exact. (I haven’t even had the time to read blogs!)

Well, I’m here to let my people know that the hiatus is OVER!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since my yesteryears of high school (it wasn’t thaaat long ago, I know), back when a consistent schedule was practically given to you, it’s that you’ve gotta be on your toes 24/7 because your plans will change. Adaptability is the name of the game, y’all.

Anyways, I’m gonna share a few pictures of what I’ve been up to since the last time we spoke and maybe throw in a few food pictures since this is a health food blog after all.

What I’ve been up to:

photo-7 IMG_3958 photo-8 IMG_3978 IMG_3971 IMG_3979 IMG_3976photophoto-1 photo-6 photo-5 photo-2Image photo-3 photo-11 photo-9 photo-4 photo-10

That might seem like a lot but it is just a glimmer in comparison of everything else I’ve been doing lately. I should probably have added a few pictures of my school work since that has stolen a huge chunk of my time yet again…I’m in class right now, by the way. 😉

These pictures in a nutshell: Hanging out with some of my favorite Scottsboro natives, Color Run, my best friend in the whole wide world came for a weekend, and Baton Rouge adventures. Maybe I’ll get around to filling in the blanks later but for now this will have do.


What I’ve been watching:


DEXTER! My roommates and I are hooked on this show. I know we’re a little behind on the trend but hey, now we get to enjoy it well past its end. Speaking of the end, we will all cry.


How I’ve been sweating:

RobertGallagher_TurboFire DSC03750

(^^^Picture from a walk, not run, but generic prescription viagra you get the point.)

It’s been the usual and a lot of whatever I have time for. TurboFire and some weights at home are always quick and easy options.

A few of my pledge sisters and I are running the RnR NOLA in February (!!!) so I’ve been going on plenty of runs as well. Who else is scary excited for fall running weather?! *Hand raised* Fall and spring are my FAVORITE times of the year to run.


What I’ve been eating:

All of these picture belong to my Canon at home and like I said, I’m in class! But I did find this food pic on my phone. 😉


I shall see you shortly, take care.


The Conscious Cleanse

Hi guys!

So, as you all know I decided to give a go at the Conscious Cleanse. Originally I had planned on doing a one week recap of what I’ve learned but then decided to just skip over and do a full recap so here goes!

1. Simplify

If you’ve been reading HNC for a while now then you can probably tell a lot of my meals involve well, a lot…texture, flavor, food groups, the list goes on. The Conscious Cleanse focuses on food combining principles and stresses the elimination of dairy, gluten, and sugar. Considering all of that I had to simplify my meals.



At first the thought of not having goat cheese and my beloved balsamic reduction on my salads was terrifying and I was positive mealtime was going to be boring and miserable. However, I was wrong and discovered the combination of just three simple ingredients atop my spinach was surprisingly just as good, if not better, than my usual 29 (<— exaggerated number).



2. Journal


I’ve been wanting to get into journaling for a while now. I even bought some really cute notebooks from Target in hopes that they would give me the motivation to write. The Conscious Cleanse left me with no excuse not to journal since the book gives you a prompt each day. Determined to reap the full benefits of the cleanse I’ve been journaling everyday and loving it! Most of the time I end up writing about more than just the given prompt for whatever day and it actually feels really good.

3. Be Mindful

Raise your hand if you eat the majority of your meals in front of some sort of screen. (Hand raised.) Don’t even try to lie. Being mindful of things other than just eating seems pretty easy peasy but you give it a try. Take the time to mindfully be present while eating your next meal, running, or having a good conversation. It makes a difference, promise.

4. Smoothies for Breakfast

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Green smoothies have been my jam lately! Being the breakfast lover that I am I was skeptical as to whether I could have just a smoothie in the morning. I’ve always really liked smoothies but more for after workouts as opposed to meal replacement but I tell ya, a green smoothie in the morning has kept me full until lunch. And they taste pretty darn delicious, too.

5. Willpower Takes Practice

After a solid week following the cleanse to a T, I came home from work and all I could viagra prices think about was the cookie sandwich I received as part of a birthday present from Stephen that I had stashed away in the freezer (for what was suppose to be enjoyed post-cleanse). The next thing I knew I could hear the yoyo cookie from Publix screaming my name from inside my freezer. I had no choice.

The point here is I did the cleanse spot on for a week and then kind of fall off the wagon so to speak on day eight. I’m still following most of the principles for the remaining days but obviously I won’t experience the full effects of the cleanse. But hey, that’s ok with me. I’m still practicing the art of willpower and one day I won’t even think about the cookie in the freezer.

If you’re considering trying a cleanse I would highly recommend trying the Conscious Cleanse. I think it’s an awesome way to get back on track with healthy eating and I plan on doing it many more times in the future. Hopefully I’ll stick it out for the full two weeks and be able to report back with a true recap, haha.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with the Conscious Cleanse I just really like the concept of it and wanted to share!