Brave Soldier Challenge Recap

Happy First Day of Spring!

The weather has seriously been perfect here lately — minus some heavy wind.

Last weekend my parents came into town to watch myself and a good friend, Amy, participate in the Brave Soldier Challenge. Originally it was only suppose to be Amy and I doing the challenge, however, once we got to the check-in table my dad decided he wanted to give it best prices on brand viagra a shot.


Here’s the break down of how the whole thing works…


  • Tire Flip – Competitors will flip over a tractor tire eight times, four times up and four times back. Penalties will vary based upon the number of times you flip the tire. 2 Minutes for each flip you miss.*
  • Stationary Row 1000 Meters – Competitors will row 1000 meters on stationary row machines at a preset resistance..
  • Lateral Cinder block carry – Competitors will carry two cement blocks over a 100 yards distance in a lateral motion.
  • Weight Plate Carry – Competitors will carry weight plates over across a distance of 100 yards.
  • Sand Bag Lift – Competitors will lift 10 sandbags over an 6 FT wall, over and back.
  • Sand Bag Carry – Competitors will carry two sand bags over a 100 yards.
  • Run 1 Mile – Competitors will run one mile on an out and back course.

*Instead of four tire flips we were only required to do three.

After the first stage there’s a 30 minute break until stage two but I think the three of us took about a 10 minute break. Just long enough to use the restroom, get a sip of water, and have a few Clif Blocks.


  • Stationary Bike 2 Mile – Competitors will ride one mile on a stationary bike at a preset resistance.*
  • Wall Climb – Competitors will scale an 6 FT wall
  • Rope Climb – Competitors will climb a 12 FT high rope twice
  • Suicide Sprints – Do we really need to explain this one?
  • Box Jump – Competitors will box jump a total of 10 boxes. Each box will be one of three heights: 12”, 18”, or 24”. Two feet must hit the box simultaneously to complete each box.
  • Crawl – Competitors will crawl a total of 30 FT under 2 FT high beams
  • Over/Under – Competitors will alternate going over and under obstacles
  • Over – Competitors will jump over 4FT high walls spanning 30FT
  • Balance Beam – Competitors will cross three 10FT long balance beams twice while carrying two objects of different weights in each hand. After 3 attempts you will be assessed a 2 minute penalty.
  • Monkey Bars – Competitors will cross through 30FT of monkey bars. After 3 attempts a competitor will be assessed a 3 minute penalty. **
  • Rope Bridge – Competitors will hang upside down and pull themselves across a suspended rope bridge over a specified distance. After 3 attempts a competitor will be assessed a 3 minute penalty.
  • Cargo Net Climb – Competitors will go over a 20FT long and 16 FT high cargo net. A 3 minute penalty will be assessed if you cannot completed this obstacle after 1 attempt.

*They also scaled back the stationary bike to only one mile. At first I was bummed because I wanted to get the full experience of the challenge but once I started pedaling I was somewhat thankful for the shorter distance. Harder than it looks!


The three of us waiting for our go time.

IMG_5151 IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5161

Beasting the tire flips.

Let me just tell you — tractor tires are no joke.

IMG_5164 IMG_5165


Yeah, rowing isn’t as easy as it looks, huh?

IMG_5170 IMG_5178

Mom said Amy was faster than most of the men at tossing the sand bags. I don’t doubt it either.

IMG_5186 IMG_5191 IMG_5195

Not sure what I was saying in this picture but it kind of looks like I’m throwing up some deuces. 😀

IMG_5206 IMG_5209

IMG_5198 IMG_5207

The only time I get a half-decent running picture (usually I look like a melting duck) there’s something in the way. Sigh.


All three of us getting after it.



IMG_5225 IMG_5233

Pretty sure this is the point during the rope climbs where I got “stuck” and ended up sitting on one of the knots for a few seconds. 😉



This is the point when my camera died. Whomp whomp whomp. No worries though. My mom pulled out her iPhone! Shout out to her for taking some awesome pictures. She was juggling all of our bags, waters, and a camera!

photo 1-1 photo 2

I still have bruises on my legs from these! They were for real.

photo 3

photo 4

No, it’s not gang sign. It’s AGD yo!

Amy took third overall in women’s division and I took first in the 16-19 age division (since Amy wasn’t counted and we were the only two, hah!). Dad was 6th in his age division but sadly there wasn’t an award for him. If he worked out more than twice a year then maybe he would’ve won.

Side note: Amy admitted that she walked for a solid 40 m during the mile. Coincidentally, she was a mere 15 seconds away from the women’s first place finisher. We both agreed that she’ll be taking the whole cake next year and I’ll be right behind her. 🙂



The Brave Soldier Challenge was an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning and I can almost guarantee we’ll all be competing again next year! And you should, too. 🙂

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  1. I may have missed this in your post, but did you beat your dad? He’s an old man, you better have! 🙂

    That looked like a lot of fun; I’m going to look for a similar one in Tallahassee!

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