Bit of News Numero

Hey there and happy Tuesday!

Sorry I’m a day late with my two bits of exciting news…I literally spent all day yesterday thinking it was still Sunday. πŸ˜•

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But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk weekend.

On Friday, Stephen and I made a trip to Earthfare for lunch and to pick up some ingredients that were suppose to be Saturday night’s dinner. And because, ya know, I wouldn’t be me if I opted out on an opportunity to go to Earthfare to just look at everything and then jack a few goodies out of the bins. πŸ˜‰

Doesn’t it look heavenly?

I couldn’t even tell you everything I put in my salad. Among my favorites (that I can remember) would include veggie chips (that I grabbed from a sample at the check out line), roasted brussels, feta cheese, and grilled chicken. All those in one bite rocked my world.

Stephen enjoyed his salad also, which I can bet was comprised of about a third of olives. Ew.

Saturday was a super lazy day but we did manage to fit a little sweat time in…

Ah yes. Stephen and I went for a run. I won’t go into very many details but the boyfriend probably hasn’t gotten his heart rate up for longer than three minutes at a time so I was really proud of him for 1) agreeing to go with me and 2) completing the run with minimum complaining.

After we got back Stephen got his taste of endorphins and was all hyped up with energy. Now you see why I like to be crazy and exercise. πŸ˜‰

Before I share my news I’d like to share a few cute faces I got to see over the weekend…

B-rock – quite the studmuffin.

TB – Mister Spaz.

And Cale – with his nostril talent.

I also got to hang out with one of my dear best friends, Kelsey, on Saturday night. Love you and so glad we got the chance to hang!

Ok ok. Time for the news already, right?

Bit of news numero uno:

Yesterday officially began my first day of training for my first half-marathon!!! If the bolded font and the extra exclamation points didn’t get my emotion across then let me just tell you – I’m PUMPED! πŸ˜€

My mom has always been a runner and has completed a few half and full marathons so when I was asked to join her and her friends in Virginia for the Charlottesville Marathon hosted by Miller Lite I couldn’t not say yes!

I’ll definitely keep you posted on how training goes. This is the schedule I’ll be following for the most part and I’m super pumped because it’s going to be like cross-country season all over again. Of course, I’ll adjust to whatever my body feels. In other words, if I’m too sore from a run/workout and need another day of rest that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Annnd bit of news numero duos:

So I’ve been looking into doing some blog revamping (i.e. personalized header, fresh layout, and things of that sort) so when I heard about Laura from Courtney a few days ago I knew it was a God sent. Hello – problemo solved!

As quick as my mouse mouse could possibly move, I scrolled over the link and immediately started browsing her work and then one thing lead to the other and well, you guys…

She’s gon’ help make Health Nut the real dealio! Woohoo! Now, it will be a process but nonetheless I’m so excited to be working with her! Y’all – she’s super sweet and seems to really know what she’s talking about. Anyways, I hope you’ll be anticipating the makeover as much as me! (Actually, that’s impossible – no one is more excited than I am! :D)

That just about does it for the day.

WAIT! I almost forgot…

What would a Health Nut post be if it didn’t include breakfast?! Gasp. Can’t believe I nearly said bye without first sharing this beautiful bowl of banana bread oatmeal and a mound of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter to go with.

Nooow that’s all I’ve got for today. My mom should be arriving in town around lunch time today so there’s most likely a delicious lunch at 5 along with a 5 mile run in my near future. πŸ™‚

Have a great Tuesday y’all!

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