Bear Complex

It’s back to the grind today.

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But let’s talk about yesterday instead.



old fashion oats + 1/4 c egg whites + 1/3 c water + 1/3 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1 tsp chia seeds +  1/2 mashed banana + 1/2 c frozen blueberries + spoonful Sara Beth’s mixed berry jam + PB&Co. white chocolate peanut butter

Goodness gracious that seems like a lot more in words than in a bowl. Nevertheless, this batch of oats was bomb. There’s just something about warm, juicy blueberries in oatmeal that makes my taste buds fall in love. Yum.


Of course I had a cup of Joe in my Colorado mug. 🙂


During mine and Sophie’s walk yesterday morning there were some very promising signs of a beautiful day ahead.

IMG_4135The signs did not disappoint.


After breakfast I headed off to the box for a kiiillller workout. Emphasis on killer.


The strength portion of yesterday’s workout was challenging but I really enjoyed it.

A Bear Complex is like a front squat to a push press to a back squat to a push press. And then, well…you throw the bar with weight on the ground and it makes a really loud noise. The last part was the hardest for me. I want to guide the weight to the ground (which puts my back at risk of injury) instead of just letting go of it.


Sophie was confused when I first explained it to her, too. 

Don’t worry though. I perfected throwing weight on the ground after all the kettlebell swings in the WOD that followed.

500 m row 
5 ball slams (20 lbs med ball)
10 push-ups
15 air squats 

1 Bear Complex (65 lbs) 
rest 2 minutes

10 burpees
20 KB swings (26 lbs kettlebell)
30 DUs (90 singles) 
150 m run

Swear to you, I could hardly lift my arms after all of that. It was awesome. In parenthesis is what I did which wasn’t Rx but I look forward to progressing my way to Rx-ing a WOD.

When I got back from CrossFit I ate the other half of my banana from breakfast and had a protein shake that looked a lot like this:


My parents were in town yesterday so we all went for a walk once I finished my post workout snack.


Once we reached downtown we were surprised with a parade!


Ok but really it was for MLK Day. How fun?



While that went on we meandered in a few stores. Including a furniture store that had a super cool table. I didn’t get a picture though. 😐



The store we went to after this one is where I actually bought a few cool and unique nick nacks. Per usual I forgot to snap a photo of those, too. D’owh! I’ll just have to share them with you once I find a place for ’em.



Stiiiill working on leftovers.

The parents headed home after we all had a lunch composed of various leftovers from the fridge.





herbal tea + splash skim milk 

curried wasabi peas <<< SO good!

Granny Smith apple

I got super snacky when I was studying yesterday (I’d like to note that in attempt to focus better I listened to classical music on Pandora.) and basically grazed through the afternoon.



roasted butternut squash with rosemary + roasted Brussels sprouts + leftover salmon from Another Broken Egg + goat cheese + balsamic reduction 

Finally it was time for dinner. I roasted a butternut squash for the fiiiirst time and, you guys, that stuff is my jam! Why didn’t anyone tell me sooner how delicious it is?!



I enjoyed a small handful of dark chocolate chips while watching The Biggest Loser (aka best show ever).

At 8pm I headed off for a Project Health meeting and got a ticket on my way home for “Improper Lane Changing”.

I’m appealing in court.


Sophie woke up briefly to say goodnight!

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