She's baaack!

(She meaning me.)

Hey there!

So…uh…long time no blog, right? There should be an inside HNC joke about how many posts have a title pertaining to my being alive or back from blogging hiatuses.

Many of you might have started to come to the conclusion that I lost interest, gave up all together, or maybe even fell off the face of the world.

The latter is true…the face of the blog world, to be exact. (I haven’t even had the time to read blogs!)

Well, I’m here to let my people know that the hiatus is OVER!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since my yesteryears of high school (it wasn’t thaaat long ago, I know), back when a consistent schedule was practically given to you, it’s that you’ve gotta be on your toes 24/7 because your plans will change. Adaptability is the name of the game, y’all.

Anyways, I’m gonna share a few pictures of what I’ve been up to since the last time we spoke and maybe throw in a few food pictures since this is a health food blog after all.

What I’ve been up to:

photo-7 IMG_3958 photo-8 IMG_3978 IMG_3971 IMG_3979 IMG_3976photophoto-1 photo-6 photo-5 photo-2Image photo-3 photo-11 photo-9 photo-4 photo-10

That might seem like a lot but it is just a glimmer in comparison of everything else I’ve been doing lately. I should probably have added a few pictures of my school work since that has stolen a huge chunk of my time yet again…I’m in class right now, by the way. 😉

These pictures in a nutshell: Hanging out with some of my favorite Scottsboro natives, Color Run, my best friend in the whole wide world came for a weekend, and Baton Rouge adventures. Maybe I’ll get around to filling in the blanks later but for now this will have do.


What I’ve been watching:


DEXTER! My roommates and I are hooked on this show. I know we’re a little behind on the trend but hey, now we get to enjoy it well past its end. Speaking of the end, we will all cry.


How I’ve been sweating:

RobertGallagher_TurboFire DSC03750

(^^^Picture from a walk, not run, but generic prescription viagra you get the point.)

It’s been the usual and a lot of whatever I have time for. TurboFire and some weights at home are always quick and easy options.

A few of my pledge sisters and I are running the RnR NOLA in February (!!!) so I’ve been going on plenty of runs as well. Who else is scary excited for fall running weather?! *Hand raised* Fall and spring are my FAVORITE times of the year to run.


What I’ve been eating:

All of these picture belong to my Canon at home and like I said, I’m in class! But I did find this food pic on my phone. 😉


I shall see you shortly, take care.


Guest Post: Carrots Over Cake

Hey guys how’ve ya been?

Things have been rather entertaining around here but I’ll get to that tomorrow. Right now I want to introduce you all to Beth Waters cialis online ordering from Carrots Over Cake. She put together an awesome guest post to share with you all so without further ado, here’s Beth!


I’m Beth Waters; the mother of two overly energetic and wonderful children. I am both a freelance writer for medical companies such as Liberty Medical and a blogger at Carrots Over Cake. I have decided to live a life of health and happiness with my family and love writing about my journey though it!


Beginning a Workout Routine & Staying Motivated

With so many of us wanting to get in shape to maintain our best weight possible, beginning a workout routine and staying motivated is a common challenge many of us fail to execute.  The combination of our lack of commitment, willpower, and hectic lifestyles make it easy to stray away from our fitness goals.  By following these tips, you’ll help fulfill your fitness goals and stay on track to find a happier, healthier you!

Setting Realistic Goals


One of the main reasons that result in people failing in their health and fitness plans is because of unrealistic goals and expectations.  Setting goals that are impossible or difficult causes de-motivation to infiltrate your mind and encourages you to fail.  Instead, do yourself a favor and be realistic.  Should you feel the need to lose 30 pounds, instead of weekly weigh-ins, focus on five-pound increments.  Do not put a time limit or deadline on yourself, especially if you are new to working out.  By forming these realistic and intimate victories, you will boost your self-esteem as you build muscle and determination.  With no limitations, you can keep yourself on track to a healthier workout routine.

Starting Small

Before you start setting fitness goals, keep in mind that many people vow to turn their lives upside down in order to acquire a healthier lifestyle.  While changing your entire lifestyle or altering your routine is seen as a courageous and noble idea, the success of this devotion almost never works.  On the other hand, implementing small changes gives you and your body enough time to adjust to this new, healthy way of living.  Small changes will not bombard or overwhelm you because you will begin to see your fitness goals being accomplished.  For example, instead of removing carbohydrates from your diet completely, make an effort to switch to whole grains.

Starting small as you begin a workout routine is crucial if you are determined to stay motivated and positive.  Going too big, or too hard, too fast will leave you feeling demoralized, unhappy, and de-motivated to continue.  As you begin to figure out a workout routine, make sure you stick with workouts that are suitable to your fitness level.  It’s important to note that any exercise or active movement counts so don’t get discouraged if you can’t run five miles on your first attempt.  Starting small will give you the endurance that you need to build up your muscles as you break down your insecurities.  Staying motivated will help set you on the path to successfully run five or more miles.

Staying Positive

On the path to beginning a workout routine and staying motivated, it’s easy to get discouraged.  Avoid thinking negative thoughts and engaging in negative behaviors that encourage you to give up on your fitness plans.  Staying positive lends significant benefits when it involves ongoing motivation and self-esteem.  A few great ways to stay positive and motivated is to acknowledge and celebrate small accomplishments, surround yourself with positive people, and refusing to beat yourself up should you make a mistake. 

Switching Up Your Routine


Just because your goal incorporates a “healthy lifestyle,” doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring.  Your diet and workout routine does not have to monotonous.  Stick to your general regime, but try incorporating new, exotic recipes into your dietary plan every so often.  Don’t be afraid to try different workouts either, who knows, you might even smile because you’re having fun!

Inspiring Others

There’s no better way to stay motivated than to serve as a source of inspiration for others.  Write, or blog, about your experience as you start your new workout routine.  Following other health bloggers on their journey is a great way to connect, share, and motivate each other.  Sharing your personal struggles and accomplishments is a great source of inspiration for others.  If you aren’t ready and proud to flaunt and expose your hard work, then no one else will be inspired or motivated to listen.  Being encouraged and promoting positive energy are two of the best feelings to gain and have as you begin a workout routine.

Begin a workout routine today and stay motivated as you strive to keep your fitness goals.  Here’s to a steady pace as you begin your journey toward a happier, healthier, prolonged life.  Good luck!

Happy Labor Day + Cocozia

Hey guys and Happy Labor Day!

How was your weekend?

Like I said, I took a couple of friends home this weekend and we spent majority of our time out on the lake, watched football, and relaxed. My triceps are still sore from driving the wave runner all day yesterday. 😐


I was happy to see a Bama and Tiger win as well as my fam jam so it was a good weekend, indeed.

A few weeks ago the lovely people behind Cocozia contacted me asking if I wanted to try out their brand of coconut water. Of course, I was all for it considering I’m a big coconut water fan.


I love that Cocozia is the perfect size and it’s super portable. Oh, and it’s organic — can it get any better? Since I received my case of Cocozia I’ve enjoyed it plain and in a smoothie (my fave). Cocozia isn’t a flavored coconut drink so I really like mixing it in with smoothies or powders for the perfect pre or post workouts.


After a short and smoldering hot run I whipped up this quick smoothie with…

  • chocolate whey protein powder
  • acia berry smoothie pack
  • frozen nanner
  • spinach
  • Cocozia

It was deeeliciously refreshing. C

Here’s a little bit more on the tasty drink from the Cocozia Facebook page

COCOZIA® – Sounds like a kind of crazy drink, and generic viagra without prescription it is! But, check out these not so crazy facts…

Pure and simple, hydration is essential to life™. COCOZIA® Coconut Water is exactly that: A pure, natural hydration source containing not only water from the green coconut, but essential electrolytes too.

COCOZIA® contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes. Electrolytes are directly involved with body hydration and muscle function. Better to get yours from a natural source like COCOZIA® than from a sugary, synthetic sports drink alternative.

That’s how they drink coconut water in the islands, but fortunately, COCOZIA® has made it a little easier for you here! All the natural elements and flavor, without the need to carry a coconut to your work-out!

(Coconut water is chock full of electrolytes making it a great choice after a night out. ;))

You can purchase a 12 pack of Cocozia off Amazon or Amazon Prime for $25, quick and easy. I would definitely recommend this drink to anyone, even kids.

Let me know how you like it if you decide to give it a shot.

Yay for a short week! 🙂

Roomie Shenanigans

Hiya y’all and happy Friday!

Does anyone else feel like last weekend was Memorial Day? I cannot believe Labor Day weekend is upon us! Any fun plans for the holiday? I’m bringing a few friends home with me for some fun on the lake and football! Roll Tide/Gueax Tigers! Hah.

Lately, I’ve buy viagra on internet been getting into a lot of random and fun shenanigans with my roomies.


Heh heh.

First, we broke in the ice cream maker with homemade s’more ice cream which was TO DIE FOR.


Then, we listened to the Backstreet Boys on the bridge on the way to Northport.


They played a lot of their new stuff (I had no idea they even had a new album out…) that was just okay but when they played the oldie hits we all got so pumped. After a while the cops came and told everyone viewing from the bridge that we had to move so we headed home. Since we live so close to the amphitheater I still heard them play “Backstreet’s Back, Alright” when I was getting into bed. Pretty cool. 🙂

As if that all wasn’t enough, we had a pizza night, too.

Jilli’s masterpiece:




Black olives, barf.

And mine:


Looks huge but I stretched the dough a looot. Or at least that’s the excuse I’m going with. 😉

Winston has dually enjoyed the extra company as well.


Almost every night I wake up and he’s practically pushed me off the bed. I love that he’s a snuggler but every inch I move he makes up for. Gotta love the weirdo pup.

Hope you guys have an incredible and safe holiday weekend and I’ll see ya later!

Ice cream maker, check.

TGIF everyone!

So tonight is Greek Fest here at UA and Wiz Khalifa(!), Dispatch(!!!), and Mother Funk are playing. I.can’t.wait.

Furthermore, this little gem arrived in the mail for me earlier this afternoon…


Ice cream maker, check.

I CANNOT wait to make this recipe. I can’t even deal with the deliciousness and genius of that concoction. Also, I have some leftover sugar cookie dough in my freezer from an Alpha Gam nutty buddy cookie shindig that I think would make an excellent addition to some homemade vanilla ice cream. Oh! And Reese Puffs because somehow those ended up in my kitchen.

Shortly before the ice cream maker found its home, I had lunch. I finished off the last of some salad greens thus giving me a disposable salad bowl. Score.


I just gotta tell you what’s up in this salad because it was so stinkin’ good. So here goes…

  • salad greens (duh)
  • cucumbers
  • grape toms
  • avocado
  • roasted sweet potato
  • Wickles pickles
  • Jennie-O turkey burger cooked in veggie broth
  • feta
  • T-lish dressing (SO good)

Must recreate again soon…like for dinner.

After lunch and said ice cream maker’s arrival, I made my way to the campus rec center. A few minutes before I left I had a pre-workout supplement drink.


Last week My Supplement Store sent me some more all-natural and organic samples to try including this Beta Peptide supplement (what’s in my shaker bottle).


Usually I’m not one for supplementing before a workout, I’ll just have a small snack instead ’cause I’m lazy. Surprisingly this supplement helped keep my stamina up during my workout and decreased muscle burn/fatigue. Another surprise, it tasted just like fruit punch! I really like the fact that Beta Peptide is comprised of 29 nutrient-dense fruits including 10 organic fruits. Quite the superfood supplement that I would definitely spend my own money on!

(Oh and my roommate can also vouch for the taste quality.)

MSS sent me a few other samples…

New Chapter Perfect Immune organic multivitamins


Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s multivitamin


Nova Forme Cyto Greens supplement


I look forward to trying the remaining samples. They all fit the bill for being all-natural or organic and are easy to add into anyone’s everyday routine.

If you haven’t read my other review on My Supplement Store you can do so here.

MSS is a really cool site with friendly people so you should head over there and say hi. Maybe even make friends with them, too, and buy some supplements ‘n stuff. viagra in canada They have err thang, even the organic stuff that’s right up my alley. That’s a rare find, folks. Rare find.

Before I sign off, please appreciate the cuteness and horrible quality of this photo. Love ya Winst.


I’m off to shower and get ready for a fun evening. Peace out my friends!