A Gruesome Workout

Good morning all!

40 mg levitra

Today is the day I take my chemistry final…wish me luck.

I’m praying I do my best. 😀

Yesterday morning I attended CrossFit class numero duos and, of course, it was beast. I’m naturally a sweater (it’s actually pretty ridiculous) so it was to no surprise that I walked out of the box completely drenched. Not to mention it was also raining so that just added to it.

But before I got my sweat on I fueled up with this lovely little meal called breakfast.

1/3 cup old fashion oats + 2/3 cup water + 1 smashed banana + 1/2 cup blueberries + an unGodly amount of almond butter

Oh yeah.

Here’s what yesterday’s WOD (workout of the day) looked like…

Since it was Tara’s nineteenth birthday, we did AMRAP (as many reps/rounds as possible) for 19 minutes. My first WOD on Monday was killer and it only lasted 12 minutes so I knew those extra 7 minutes were going to be brutal.

I ended up finishing everything but the 150 m run on my seventh round once time was called. I wasn’t able to Rx (complete as prescribed) this WOD since I’m new to these type of workouts so instead of using the 53 lbs, yes you read that right – 53 lbs kettlebell, I used the measly 8 lbs kettlebell and it was STILL a gruesome workout. So much that I could hardly raise my arms to wash my hair in the shower afterwards. I can’t wait to build my strength and be able to Rx a WOD. You bet I’ll feel beast after that. 😉

The crazy thing is I should be totally pumped to go home for Christmas break but I can’t stop thinking about how I’m going to miss going to CrossFit! Scottsboro doesn’t have a box and the closest one is in Huntsville which requires a $150 two week intro course before drop-ins are allowed. 🙁

Guess I’ll have to a) ask for an early Christmas present or b) utilize some of Tina’s at home WODs.

After CrossFit, I knew my muscles took a beating so I helped them out a little with some protein so they can rebuild stronger and leaner!

1 scoop vanilla Show Me the Whey whey protein powder + good ole water

All shook up and waiting for me in the fridge upon my return. Yum.

Please note the nasty weather Tuscaloosa had yesterday. No good. Thankfully it stopped raining later in the evening just long enough for me to take a quick 3 miler before starting up again. All this nonstop thinking about CrossFit almost made me forget I’m suppose to be training for a half-marathon!

Now I’m off to by the grace of God ace this chemistry final and then wait on a very special visitor to arrive!

See you tomorrow with a little What I Ate Wednesday! 🙂

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